Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Green & Blue

Hey guys!

Wow it has been over a week since I last posted.. disgraceful I know! So the other night I was messing around with colours with my friend who works at MAC and we came up with this... I can't remember the exact products (I need to learn to write them down!) but most of them are hers so I can't go look, so I've just put an approximate list on the end of the post.

Sorry for the awful photo quality! A few of the pictures are just photo booth on my laptop..

(Eeek Scary Eyebrows!!)

MAC Green Stroke Paint Pot (I think?!)(Lid Primer)
MAC Sunny Spot e/s (Lid)
MAC Lucky Green e/s (Inner Corner & Blended Up)
MAC Atlantic Blue e/s (Again I think?! But any bright blue will do!) (Crease & Outer Corner)
MAC Waveline Fluidline (Liner)
MAC #12 False Lashes
Duo Lash Glue
MAC Plush Lash Mascara
MAC Lingering Brow Liner

First pic is obviously the best quality.. but I figured you guys deserve some close ups!

Let me know what you think my lovelies!


  1. Love tke make up and faulse lashes are amazing!!!Thanks

  2. This colourful EOTD is soooo pretty! Love it! Plus, the colours look so vibrant!

  3. Pretty!!! xoxo

  4. I love that look! You're really good you should be a makeup artist.

  5. Aww thanks LV, Klaudia, Marce, Taj and Nicole! That's kinda the point of all this!


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