Questions and Reviewing Products

If any of my readers have questions or comments they would like to address directly to me I would love to hear from you!
Any question, no matter how big or small, will be answered to the best of my ability :) And if I can't answer it I'll point you in the direction of someone who can!
Alternatively, you can click here to leave me a note on formspring :)

I am also more than happy to be sent products for review by companies.
I have, and always will, review products bought with my own money honestly and from a first-time consumer's point of view. This will be the same of any product I am sent for PR and review purposes.

Reviews will not be influenced by my personal view of the company or other products I may have used from said company. I will use the product for a time I deem appropriate in order to gain a knowledge of said product so I can write an honest review. If a specific time of use of the product is required by the company this will be adhered to. I love my blog and therefore will do my best to review the product quickly and thoroughly to allow my readers to share my experience of the product almost as it happens.

I will always include high quality photos of the product's packaging, the product itself, swatches, before and after or the use of the product ( all when necessary).

I will never sell any product I am sent for review. In the unlikely event that I am sent a product I cannot use, I will discuss with the company my sending of the product to a guest reviewer whom I trust who will write a review to be posted on my blog and their own.

If you are a reader or a company and would like to contact me about anything regarding my blog and the information on this page please send me a message at the following address:
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