Sunday, April 25, 2010


Just a quickie post as I'm off to bed in a sec! I wasn't planning a review of this or anything but I have gone crazy for my GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliner!! It has everything: staying power, pigment, ease of use.. the list goes on!

The day I bought this I swatched it for you guys, what I didn't say in the post was that after swatching I tested it's staying power, I figured if it could really stand up to handwashing, sanitizing, showering, blah, blah, blah then it would be worth the money. Well, this took 3 DAYS to come off properly, and now I've started using it regularly I have to use a heavy duty oil-based removed to get it off. The colour is gorgeous (see below!). It applies fully pigmented first time with great coverage. I can't praise this product enough and I'm so happy I just happened to grab it off the GOSH counter! I love wearing this in my lower lash line for work as a quick snap of colour, but it worked amazingly well as an eyeshadow base too!

Well... I have to sleep! Hope you all had a great Sunday and well done to all you marathon runners!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Jeweled Eyes

So here's the second installment in my Rae Morris Series :) 

I used my Sleek Original and Sunset Palettes so all the colours you need can be found there, obviously MAC, NARS, NYX, etc., etc. do the same colours so you can use whatever you want! This look is super easy so have a go and email me pics or blog about how you did!! I love seeing what you guys can do! So here we go...

Prime your eyes as you normally would, with whatever you personally use. Here I have used a MAC Paint Pot in Painterly and dusted MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium over the top to aid blending later on.

Using a fluffy dome brush (like a MAC 217) to blend a light coral into your crease. I've used one from the Sunset Palette.

Pack an intense purple all over your lid, you could use pigment or eyeshadow for this. Use a clean brush to blend this into the coral, then intensify the purple towards the lash line if necessary. If you want a really intense colour wet your brush before applying the colour.

Line your lower lash line with an aqua green, again wet the brush first if you want a more precise and intense line but leave it dry if you want a smudged look.

Next line your waterline with a green liner, I used a Gosh Velvet Touch in Alligator.

Finish the look with a champagne coloured highlight, falsies and mascara.

And there you have beautiful Jeweled Eyes :)


Monday, April 19, 2010

Illamasqua & MAC Mini-Haul

So here are the results of my little shopping expedition to Selfridges & Co. last Saturday.. After reading all your raves about Illamasqua I decided to go ahead and try out a few bits and bobs!

Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Spell

Illamasqua Lipstick in Ignite 

MAC Lustreglass in Flusterose

Definately a mini-haul.. I also bought MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage :) I ran out in Disneyland so I had to get some more, it's my go to product & I use it everyday without fail!

And some swatches:

Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Spell
Illamasqua Lipstick in Ignite

MAC Lustreglass in Flusterose

I'm really, really, really impressed with these products. I'm new to Illamasqua, but the staying power of the pencil and lipstick is insane, especially since I don't have a lip primer or anything. And as much of a MAC Addict as I am, this is my first lipgloss, as I've never really been a fan. One of my biggest makeup peeves is sticky lippy, but I've heard really good things about MAC and I'm not disappointed at all! Plus this colour is gorgeous!! Lip swatches to come I promise!!

Oooohhh and I got a job at Starbucks today!! Wooohoooo!! I've been trying for Benefit for ages, but the keep screwing me around and not returning my calls. Do I really want to work for a manager who leaves me a message to call her, then doesn't pick up her phone for 4 days.. no maybe not. Well sorry for the rant, I'm sick of being mucked around, but I'm happy I have a full time job now! But I promise I won't neglect all you lovlies!!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ocean Sunset

Hey girls!

So today I had my second driving lesson.. and there were lovely clear blue skies and I was inspired! For a long time I have wanted to re-create my Orange look that I did last year. Apparently since then I've gotten worse at eyeliner :( so this isn't quite the same, I also can't find my Liquidlast Liner so treat this more as an 'interpretation'. I also headed into London to get my hair cut and hit up Selfridges & Co. to shop around Illamasqua and MAC (haul to come!!) so this is what I wore :)

(excuse the stupid face pleasee)

(still getting used to my new camera and it's crazy flash!)

Well I hope you like it :) I never thought I could really pull off Orange! But I might try more of this kind of thing!

What else do you guys want to see? Tutorials.. Looks.. Themed Looks..??

Welllll.. My friends parents are stranded in Switzerland due to the volcanic ash airspace closure over the UK so I'm off over to hers to cook dinner and stay the night because she's out of money and lonely! Happy Saturday!


Interview MakeUp

As promised here is the makeup I wore to my interview today. I just did neutral shading with a bit of shimmer on the lid because I didn't want to go overboard!

I should have used my new camera.. but my boyfriend stole the USB cable (well, stole meaning accidentally put it in his luggage) I need to put the pictures on my laptop, so I just took a few quick snaps on PhotoBooth. Hope you guys like.. any questions/comments/lalala just message or write below :)


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Seventeen ♥

Hellooo again my lovelies!!

Wow I feel like I've been gone forever! I just thought I'd do I quick catch up of Disneyland! Between my mum and I we took over 700 pictures!! I promise I won't post anywhere near that many on here.. but just a few to show you what I got up to :) I'm going to apologise for the makeup in advance of the pictures.. It's pretty plain and boring, I basically had no time in the mornings because we got into the park at 8am.. and we had to eat before then.. sooo foundation, liner and lashes was the routine :(

my love and I on the castle balcony :)

Chip fancied me haha

front row seats :)
fun fun fun fun fun

I'm not going to bore you all with my pictures and blabber.. I had fun :) and I had my first driving lesson yesterday and I loooovvveeee driving!! Anyway.. I have an interview at Benefit tomorrow :) yay :D So I'll post whatever makeup I come up with for that tomorrow night maybe..

How've you all been?! Catch me up :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sleek Blues & Purples

Hey girls!

So I finally found a Superdrug that stocked Sleek! It only took me searching four shops!! I chose the Original, Sunset and Acid Palettes because I wanted to get three of them and I though that combination had the greatest variety. So far I am most impressed with the pigmentation of the blues and purples.. I'm inspired! And I'm getting really pissed off with my skin not letting me do nice makeup! Hopefully only one more day! But back to the palettes.. Here are my favourite shades so far:

Sunset Palette Sea Blue; Original Palette Seafoam Blue & Aqua Blue;Acid Palette Light Blue & Dark Blue

Original Palette Purple Shimmer; Acid Palette Matte Purple & Pink-Purple

I just think they're so pretty!

I also love the green shades.. Haven't had time to swatch them yet to see what I really think but if they're as good as these I'm in love.

As usual please forgive the photo quality.. my new camera arrived today so hopefully this will be one of the last posts with the rubbish phone camera!

p.s. I'm headed to Disneyland Paris for my Birthday tomorrow morning (yay!) at some crazy hour. I don't know if I can get internet there (anyone stayed at the Disneyland Hotel?) so if I don't post or comment from now until next Wednesday, you all know why!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Brilliant Brunette's Giveaway

Jaqueline at A Brilliant Brunette is doing a giveaway of a Hana Flat Iron from Click here to enter!

Collective Haul

So over the past few days I have done a whole bunch of shopping for various things and I've picked up lots of little goodies along the way :)

So starting with the MAC haul:

 I pretty much broke all the lashes I have at the moment, so I went and got the three pairs that I use the most, #12's (top), #4's (middle) and #31's (bottom). I haven't actually had the #31's before, I normally buy #10's but my local MAC don't stock them anymore for some reason. The #31's were similar, but a bit more sparse so I figured I could just bulk them up with some mascara.

I also bought a Powder Blush in Peachtwist. This is quite a dark peachy blush, but I think it really works if you have a nice tan or have a darker look on the eyes.

I also took my first ever trip into Lush! To be honest I have always been put off by the overwhelming smell of the place and I did have to take a few deep breaths once I got in there, but after a few minutes I got used to it. I only bought the You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt. I'm going to use it next week when I'm in Disneyland, so I'll do a proper review on it then, but so far I'm a bit disappointed that the bag they wrap it in hasn't kept the oils from the melt contained as it is leaking out through the paper. A minor flaw, but perhaps one to remember when buying oily products!

Next I hit Boots and picked up a few Barry M Nail Paints. I only meant to get one, but since they were 3 for 2 I couldn't resist! I was a bit miffed that they only had three colours stocked up however, I wouldn't have gotten these colours if I had had more choice. Once again, I'm saving them for next week so better pictures and reviews coming soon!

I also picked up the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin. I figured since everyone on here was going soooo crazy for UDPP I should try it! I wanted the original formula but they were sold out so I figured that I'd probably end up buying Sin anyway so I might as well get it.

Last but not least, I went to Superdrug today. I was searching for the Sleek i-Divine palettes, but apparently only a few select Superdrug stores sell them. Looks like that's an online buy for me! But I did notice the Gosh counter, and since I've seen many of you beauty bloggers raving about Gosh I decided to pick up a few bits there instead. I bought two Effect Powders in Kiwi and 06 Greeny, a Kohl Pencil in White and a Velvet Touch Eye Liner in 007 Alligator. Swatches below :)

Effect Powders in 06 Greeny and Kiwi
Velvet Eye Liner in 007 Alligator and Kohl Pencil in White

So I'll be doing a look with my new goodies soon! I can't do anything at the moment because my skin has gone all dry and gross, no matter how much I moisturise I can't shake the dryness and makeup isn't helping right now! Got a facial booked for Thursday so hopefully I can pick it back up again soon! And exciting news! My new camera should arrive tomorrow! Fingers crossed for better quality photos! That's all for now!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

3's Tag

Tagged by Klaudia... Thanks doll!

3 Names I go by:
❤ Lora
❤ Lo
❤ Muffin (My Boyfriend's Nickname For Me)

3 Jobs I've had:
❤ Babysitter
❤ Domino's
❤ Er.. haven't had another one, but hopefully Benefit soon!

3 Places I've lived:
❤ England, I've never moved house!
❤ America, in the summer we stay with family.
❤ England again, I stay with my boyfriend a few nights a week so I half live there!

3 Favourite drinks:
❤ Rootbeer
❤ A Hot Sylvia from Shakeaway
❤ White Grape Juice mixes

3 TV shows I watch:
❤ What Katie Did Next
❤ Skins
❤ Grey's Anatomy

3 Places I've been:
❤ America
❤ China
❤ Lanzarote

3 Places I'd like to visit:
❤ Australia
❤ Carribbean
❤ Greece

3 People who text me regularly:
❤ My Boyfriend
❤ My Mum
❤ My Best Friend

3 Favourite old TV shows:
❤ Scooby Doo
❤ Out of the Box *Rub Hands-Snap-Clap*!
❤ Old Disney Cartoons

3 Favourite dishes:
❤ Chinese Crispy Duck
❤ Domino's Garlic Pizza Bread with Sausage and Pineapple
❤ Any Wan-Chai Ferry Kit

3 Make-up products I can't live without:
❤ Studio Fix Foundation
❤ Plush Lash Mascara
❤ UDPP Sin

Three People I tag are:
1. Kimberley
2. Obsessed Makeup Addict
3. Tacky Blue Eyeshadow
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