Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Marathon!

So this is wayyy off topic but my mum and I have decided to walk a 10K in April Moonwalk in June! We want to raise £1000 for the charity Walk the Walk ( We've been training for a while but have just recieved our acceptance letters into both events. If anyone can donate anything at all it would be so much help! Click on the title of this blog to go to my JustGiving page for the Moonwalk or click the widget below to go to my Sunwalk JustGiving page!

10K Sunwalk

Friday, February 26, 2010


Okay! So this was going to be a competition entry but I didn't get good enough pictures and I didn't think it was really a good enough effort. I really like the colours and want to try something like this again soon. This was a look I did with a friend who is a professional makeup artist, the other eye was better because she did it and I copied the technique on this eye, but I wanted to show you guys my poor effort!


I think this had MAC's Rule and Paradisco on the lid and I think used the Penultimate Liner Pen and Liquidlast Liner in Blue Horizon.

Really want to have another go at this soon!


This is definately one of my best pieces so far, definately the best I have done on a friend!

(Click to see bigger!)

First time I've applied lashes to someone else too (much easier than doing it on yourself!) If I remember correctly I used:

MAC Bare Study Paint Pot (Primer)
MAC Seedy Pearl e/s (inner corner)
MAC Stars 'n' Rockets e/s (lid)
MAC Plumage e/s (crease)
MAC Dazzlelight e/s (highlight)
MAC Smoulder Kohl Liner

Close up of the eye:

All thoughts welcome...




Well right now I'm talking to no one since no one reads this yet! Hopefully it will be picked up on soon!

Back in November this was my first go at really experimenting with colour. I watched had help from a friend with shaping and how to use black in the outer third of the eye and not making it look too harsh. For a first attempt I'm pretty pleased with the result:

(Sorry for the quality!! Click to see better!!)

Close up of the eyes:

I can't remember the products I used, unfortunately they belong to my friend! Once I get to more recent looks I will post swatches alongside them!

Let me know what you think! 



Hi, I'm Lora.

This is me:

I'm pretty much your average teenager. I've always loved makeup, for as long as I can remember I used to raid my mum's makeup cases; now I raid my own. For the past five months I've started to experiment with different colours and styles and now want to share my work with more people.

I predominantly use MAC products (little bit addicted!) but am willing to try anything suggested!

Whenever I come up with a new look I'll be posting it on here and will welcome comments and critiques! Right now my pictures won't be great quality as I don't have a camera of my own, just PhotoBooth and my phone, so please excuse that!

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