Saturday, September 4, 2010

Yet Again.. I Forgot..

On my last day in America I had to pop into target for a few bits, lo and behold I found several products I had been on the hunt for forever!

I've known for a while that Sonia Kashuk did a range exclusive to Target, and since we don't have Target in the UK I decided to pick up the #11 smudge brush. I've been watching Tina from The Fancy Face using the L'Oreal Colour Truth Creme Eyeliner for a while now, it always looks so precise and I've never been able to locate it on any of my local L'Oreal displays. Certainly a 'must try' for me. I've also been watching Marlena over at Makeup Geek using Ardell Wispies for well over a year now and I've never located them in any of my local stores so I was keen to pick up a pair. And finally I picked up some waterproof Duo Lash Glue, which I much prefer to the standard glue. The tube is also smaller meaning direct application to the lash is a hell of a lot easier :)



  1. loove al the things you got! we dont have target in canada here either so when i go to the u.s. i splurge at target! i love that place lol

  2. Ohhh I want a Sonia Kashuk brush sooo bad!! becky xo


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