Friday, September 3, 2010

NOTD: OPI What's With The Cattitude?

Well, I'm currently waiting to get an appointment to get my acrylics taken off. They've grown up quite a bit and are wayyyy too long for me now. I'm not going to try to get them off myself, I don't think I quite trust myself to do that.. But if any of you lovlies have any tips on filing them down a bit until I can get them taken off it would be super appreciated!

I've done a bit of painting today, just to try to make them look a bit less bad from a distance.

You can clearly still see the line in the photo, but from a distance it doesn't look too bad :) This is the light blue from OPI's Shrek Collection 'What's With The Cattitude?' Sorry for the weird angle.. This is a bottle from the mini's collection so I could only fit my thumb in properly!! This is a really pretty pale blue, I'm waiting to see how it compares to the pastel blue I ordered from Models Own, if my order ever arrives :(

What's your favourite pastel blue?



  1. I have china glaze bahamian escape, which is pretty much identical to that one. so pretty!

  2. Love pastels on everyone but myself!!! not sure why, i often put them on, and then in the next five minutes ive taken it off again! I guess im more of a Brights and Dark kind of girl! Great Blog

  3. I love that nail varnish! Gorgeous! My favourite isn't really a pastel blue but it's Rimmel's Sky High Nail Varnish, I love it so much!


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