Monday, August 30, 2010

Shoes Of The Month

So since I've been doing do OOTD posts I thought I'd show you lovely ladies some of my favourite shoes. I'm going to start with the ones I've had the longest :)

Black Lace Detail Heels;
New Look £25

I love the design on these shoes, it's very subtle but when the light hits it right it looks lovely :) I've got quite little feet for a 17 year old at a size 4, occasionally a 5 in running trainers, I've had these shoes since I was 15 and I still adore them. In a way it's nice that I stopped growing when I was younger because I don't grow out of things.. but I do get jealous of the tall leggy girls :( Some of my closest friends are really tall and I feel extra small next to them so I tend to wear heels a lot :)

What are your favourite kind of shoes?



  1. I love the heels! They're gorgeous! =)

  2. Love your new heels dear :)
    The lace makes it prettier and feminine :)

    My fav shoe always stilleto one with nude color :)


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