Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ocean Sunset

Hey girls!

So today I had my second driving lesson.. and there were lovely clear blue skies and I was inspired! For a long time I have wanted to re-create my Orange look that I did last year. Apparently since then I've gotten worse at eyeliner :( so this isn't quite the same, I also can't find my Liquidlast Liner so treat this more as an 'interpretation'. I also headed into London to get my hair cut and hit up Selfridges & Co. to shop around Illamasqua and MAC (haul to come!!) so this is what I wore :)

(excuse the stupid face pleasee)

(still getting used to my new camera and it's crazy flash!)

Well I hope you like it :) I never thought I could really pull off Orange! But I might try more of this kind of thing!

What else do you guys want to see? Tutorials.. Looks.. Themed Looks..??

Welllll.. My friends parents are stranded in Switzerland due to the volcanic ash airspace closure over the UK so I'm off over to hers to cook dinner and stay the night because she's out of money and lonely! Happy Saturday!



  1. It looks really amazing against your skintone and eye colour!! I don't think I could pull off orange though

  2. oh wow this looks great!!! i love the turquoise on the bottom :D

  3. great look! I'm not sure if I'm brave enough for orange. My sis is currently stuck because of the Volcano too!

  4. I tagged/gave you an award darling

  5. I really love this look on pull off orange amazingly well. x

  6. @MakeUpAddict: I think you could! I didn't think I could.. this is just the Yellow and Orange out of the Sleek Sunset Palette.. It's not expensive so I just decided to give it a whack! What colour eyes do you have?

    Thanks for the award babe!

    @Klaudia: Thank you! I did the sunset, then wanted to be a bit more interesting so I put the ocean in :)

    @Emily: Take the plunge! Green & Red are next on my list! Have a look at Jangsara's blog (if you don't follow her already!) if you want to see someone wearing every colour imaginable!

    @tbe: Thank you! I can't wait to do more!


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