Friday, April 23, 2010

Jeweled Eyes

So here's the second installment in my Rae Morris Series :) 

I used my Sleek Original and Sunset Palettes so all the colours you need can be found there, obviously MAC, NARS, NYX, etc., etc. do the same colours so you can use whatever you want! This look is super easy so have a go and email me pics or blog about how you did!! I love seeing what you guys can do! So here we go...

Prime your eyes as you normally would, with whatever you personally use. Here I have used a MAC Paint Pot in Painterly and dusted MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium over the top to aid blending later on.

Using a fluffy dome brush (like a MAC 217) to blend a light coral into your crease. I've used one from the Sunset Palette.

Pack an intense purple all over your lid, you could use pigment or eyeshadow for this. Use a clean brush to blend this into the coral, then intensify the purple towards the lash line if necessary. If you want a really intense colour wet your brush before applying the colour.

Line your lower lash line with an aqua green, again wet the brush first if you want a more precise and intense line but leave it dry if you want a smudged look.

Next line your waterline with a green liner, I used a Gosh Velvet Touch in Alligator.

Finish the look with a champagne coloured highlight, falsies and mascara.

And there you have beautiful Jeweled Eyes :)



  1. Love the makeup and the tutorial!!!Lovely work doll!!!Cheers!

  2. This looks really lovely on u!!!
    I wish I could do eyeshadows half as good as you do..

  3. @Violet & Reeskie Thanks girls :) x

    @Kimberly Of course you can do eyeshadows, mine really aren't that great. It's really all about you tools, try a MAC 139 to apply all over colour, a MAC 117 for crease colour and blending and a MAC 224 for overall blending. I swear by these brushes and they made my makeup look so much more professional. x


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