Sunday, April 25, 2010


Just a quickie post as I'm off to bed in a sec! I wasn't planning a review of this or anything but I have gone crazy for my GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliner!! It has everything: staying power, pigment, ease of use.. the list goes on!

The day I bought this I swatched it for you guys, what I didn't say in the post was that after swatching I tested it's staying power, I figured if it could really stand up to handwashing, sanitizing, showering, blah, blah, blah then it would be worth the money. Well, this took 3 DAYS to come off properly, and now I've started using it regularly I have to use a heavy duty oil-based removed to get it off. The colour is gorgeous (see below!). It applies fully pigmented first time with great coverage. I can't praise this product enough and I'm so happy I just happened to grab it off the GOSH counter! I love wearing this in my lower lash line for work as a quick snap of colour, but it worked amazingly well as an eyeshadow base too!

Well... I have to sleep! Hope you all had a great Sunday and well done to all you marathon runners!



  1. Hi, just linked here through another blog. Love your EOTD's, looking forward to seeing more. :D

  2. Pretty color reminds me of the L'oreal Hip Cream liner! love your blog btw!


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