Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sleek Blues & Purples

Hey girls!

So I finally found a Superdrug that stocked Sleek! It only took me searching four shops!! I chose the Original, Sunset and Acid Palettes because I wanted to get three of them and I though that combination had the greatest variety. So far I am most impressed with the pigmentation of the blues and purples.. I'm inspired! And I'm getting really pissed off with my skin not letting me do nice makeup! Hopefully only one more day! But back to the palettes.. Here are my favourite shades so far:

Sunset Palette Sea Blue; Original Palette Seafoam Blue & Aqua Blue;Acid Palette Light Blue & Dark Blue

Original Palette Purple Shimmer; Acid Palette Matte Purple & Pink-Purple

I just think they're so pretty!

I also love the green shades.. Haven't had time to swatch them yet to see what I really think but if they're as good as these I'm in love.

As usual please forgive the photo quality.. my new camera arrived today so hopefully this will be one of the last posts with the rubbish phone camera!

p.s. I'm headed to Disneyland Paris for my Birthday tomorrow morning (yay!) at some crazy hour. I don't know if I can get internet there (anyone stayed at the Disneyland Hotel?) so if I don't post or comment from now until next Wednesday, you all know why!

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