Sunday, April 4, 2010

3's Tag

Tagged by Klaudia... Thanks doll!

3 Names I go by:
❤ Lora
❤ Lo
❤ Muffin (My Boyfriend's Nickname For Me)

3 Jobs I've had:
❤ Babysitter
❤ Domino's
❤ Er.. haven't had another one, but hopefully Benefit soon!

3 Places I've lived:
❤ England, I've never moved house!
❤ America, in the summer we stay with family.
❤ England again, I stay with my boyfriend a few nights a week so I half live there!

3 Favourite drinks:
❤ Rootbeer
❤ A Hot Sylvia from Shakeaway
❤ White Grape Juice mixes

3 TV shows I watch:
❤ What Katie Did Next
❤ Skins
❤ Grey's Anatomy

3 Places I've been:
❤ America
❤ China
❤ Lanzarote

3 Places I'd like to visit:
❤ Australia
❤ Carribbean
❤ Greece

3 People who text me regularly:
❤ My Boyfriend
❤ My Mum
❤ My Best Friend

3 Favourite old TV shows:
❤ Scooby Doo
❤ Out of the Box *Rub Hands-Snap-Clap*!
❤ Old Disney Cartoons

3 Favourite dishes:
❤ Chinese Crispy Duck
❤ Domino's Garlic Pizza Bread with Sausage and Pineapple
❤ Any Wan-Chai Ferry Kit

3 Make-up products I can't live without:
❤ Studio Fix Foundation
❤ Plush Lash Mascara
❤ UDPP Sin

Three People I tag are:
1. Kimberley
2. Obsessed Makeup Addict
3. Tacky Blue Eyeshadow


  1. Thank you Doll! I'll get to it after my exams!!

    I really want to go to Greece too :)


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