Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Collective Haul

So over the past few days I have done a whole bunch of shopping for various things and I've picked up lots of little goodies along the way :)

So starting with the MAC haul:

 I pretty much broke all the lashes I have at the moment, so I went and got the three pairs that I use the most, #12's (top), #4's (middle) and #31's (bottom). I haven't actually had the #31's before, I normally buy #10's but my local MAC don't stock them anymore for some reason. The #31's were similar, but a bit more sparse so I figured I could just bulk them up with some mascara.

I also bought a Powder Blush in Peachtwist. This is quite a dark peachy blush, but I think it really works if you have a nice tan or have a darker look on the eyes.

I also took my first ever trip into Lush! To be honest I have always been put off by the overwhelming smell of the place and I did have to take a few deep breaths once I got in there, but after a few minutes I got used to it. I only bought the You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt. I'm going to use it next week when I'm in Disneyland, so I'll do a proper review on it then, but so far I'm a bit disappointed that the bag they wrap it in hasn't kept the oils from the melt contained as it is leaking out through the paper. A minor flaw, but perhaps one to remember when buying oily products!

Next I hit Boots and picked up a few Barry M Nail Paints. I only meant to get one, but since they were 3 for 2 I couldn't resist! I was a bit miffed that they only had three colours stocked up however, I wouldn't have gotten these colours if I had had more choice. Once again, I'm saving them for next week so better pictures and reviews coming soon!

I also picked up the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin. I figured since everyone on here was going soooo crazy for UDPP I should try it! I wanted the original formula but they were sold out so I figured that I'd probably end up buying Sin anyway so I might as well get it.

Last but not least, I went to Superdrug today. I was searching for the Sleek i-Divine palettes, but apparently only a few select Superdrug stores sell them. Looks like that's an online buy for me! But I did notice the Gosh counter, and since I've seen many of you beauty bloggers raving about Gosh I decided to pick up a few bits there instead. I bought two Effect Powders in Kiwi and 06 Greeny, a Kohl Pencil in White and a Velvet Touch Eye Liner in 007 Alligator. Swatches below :)

Effect Powders in 06 Greeny and Kiwi
Velvet Eye Liner in 007 Alligator and Kohl Pencil in White

So I'll be doing a look with my new goodies soon! I can't do anything at the moment because my skin has gone all dry and gross, no matter how much I moisturise I can't shake the dryness and makeup isn't helping right now! Got a facial booked for Thursday so hopefully I can pick it back up again soon! And exciting news! My new camera should arrive tomorrow! Fingers crossed for better quality photos! That's all for now!


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  1. when i read about your trip to lush i almost fell out of my chair! i was laughing because i had exactly the same experience with the store :P i got over it and even did some major shopping, soon i'm uploading a video on Lush products review so check it out
    link to my channel is on my blog :)


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