Friday, June 25, 2010

Another LUSH Review - Footcare

Sorry for the all LUSH Reviews, they're the only products I have pictures of already that I've been testing lately!!

Since my marathon, it's fairly obvious that my feet are suffering! I decided to give them a good pampering with my LUSH Stepping Stone Foot Scrub and Fair Trade Foot Lotion. I've fallen in love with these, this is the second Stepping Stone that I've owned and I just love the scent!

Stepping Stone is almost like a bath bomb in texture and the way it reacts to water, but you get it wet on your skin instead of submerging it in water. It's incredibly moisturising, and really scrubs away any dry skin. I know that LUSH try to use as little packaging as possible, but my one issue with their paper wrapping and yellow bags is that any oil in the product will soak through these within a few hours. You can see this in the dark area on the label of the Stepping Stone scrub. I've found that by using a ziplock bag I can avoid any oil damaging any surfaces where I store my products. I recieved my first foot scrub in one of LUSH's ten pound boxes so that was definately good value for money, it normally retails at 2.75 which I think it great value. If you use this in the shower, you may not get more than one use out of it as it may crumble in the moisture. However, I used a home foot spa and kept the scrub dry and my feet wet and got 2-3 uses out of each one I bought.

So to sum up:
Price: Great value, even better in the summer beach box.
Product: Love it, love it, love it. It does exactly what it says it will.
Packaging: Not my favourite, but there's a solution to every problem.

I wasn't expecting a whole lot from the Fair Trade Foot Lotion, simply because I tested it on my hand instore and just didn't like the texture. When I got a sample pot in the summer beach box I figured I had to give it a try. And let me tell you.. paired with a scrub, it's incredible. Probably didn't feel so great on my hand since it's a foot cream. Again I have a packaging woe.. I just prefer pumps when creams are involved, and that's completely a hygiene thing. However, this is a trial size, so I'll let it go for now :) I've been using this at night over the soles of my feet and on any dry patches I find. Since it doesn't quite soak in straight away, I go to bed with sleeper socks on and wake up with soft, moisturised tootsies! A little goes a hell of a long way with this cream, so 7.95 for a 225g pot is amazing value. I can't see myself going through a pot of this too quickly, so it would be a great beauty investment. So pick yourself up a trial size, I think alone they're about a pound, so if you don't like it, it's not a massive loss. My feet feel sooooo soft, and since I'm a moisturiser nut, I love that!

Sum, sum, sum:
Price: Great option with the trial size, and good value on the pot. I do wish they did a 100g or smaller for travelling, etc.
Product: Definately better than I expected, comes up trumps on my recently tested!
Packaging: I love the amount of recycling that LUSH do, but I do wish there was a pump. I'm being a hygiene freak but it is a foot cream...

I'm going to carry on pampering myself with these for a while I think, at least until my foot cream is used up. I'd like to see the true long term effects before deciding to purchase a full size, I can always stick it in a pump bottle after all!



  1. So glad you reviewed Stepping Stone as I've been really wanting to try it. Friday lunch time purchase I think! x

  2. ooh i love the sound of stepping stone! I need to try it now :)


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