Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Foxy Locks Extensions Review & HOTD

Yesterday morning I recieved my Deluxe 160g Foxy Locks Extensions in Chocolate Brown. They were a touch too dark but as I was getting my hair dyed today it wasn't  a problem. For the price I'm happy with the amount and quality of the hair I received, but to be honest I wasn't too impressed with the customer service.
The packaging is cute, but really caters to those who know what they are doing with extensions. However, this minor flaw is saved by Imogen's (the creator) Youtube channel where she has filmed a complete tutorial and FAQ.

Upon arrival the hair looks like this:
It is very smooth, very soft and clearly high quality. When unfolded the hair amounts to:
4 1-clip wefts, 2 2-clip wefts, 2 3-clip wefts and 2 4-clip wefts. (Sorry for the rubbish laying out and the fact that it's on my bed!!)

As I said I had my hair dyed, heavily trimmed and a side fringe cut in today. I did not have the extensions cut at all, I merely had my hairdresser match my hair colour. The fact that there are 4 different size wefts makes these extensions really easy to apply. Once I got used to the initial weight I barely noticed they were there, the clips are comfortable and the hair feels just like my own. I put a few curls in the extensions (and in my own hair) before putting them in because I think it helped to blend the hair together. I definately want to try my hair straight too :)

(Click to see larger)

EDIT 11/06: Since this blog post, I have made contact with Imogen via Twitter. She never recieved my email, hence the lack of reply. As far as I know I have only heard good things about her (she replied to 150 emails tonight) and I'll blame my minor niggle on technology!
My only niggle with this purchase was the.. I guess lack(?) of customer service/communication. When I placed my order I knew I wanted to have the extensions asap since I have been trying to order them for months (they sell out very fast!). I paid £5.99 for the fastest shipping. Since I ordered 11am Saturday, I figured that there was no chance of receiving on Sunday (fairly typical) but I emailed just to ask whether they considered next working day to be Monday delivery or Tuesday. I'm not annoyed that it was Tuesday, I figured they processed the order on Monday and I got it Tuesday. I was annoyed that I recieved no reply, and still haven't. It may be a dumb question but, I normally just go with regular 2-4 day shipping so I just didn't know what to expect. It was a fairly simple question and would have only taken a few minutes to answer. Yes, they are probably busy and a comparably small online company, but to me, customer service is of the utmost importance.

Overall I'm happy with my purchase and would repurchase should I ever need more clip in extensions.

You can purchase Foxy Locks Extensions from in a variety of colours ranging from £54 to £75.



  1. Now I think I need these extensions! I have always wanted to try some foxylocks extension! Thanks for the review =)


  2. Oh my, love your extensions!! :D

  3. I love this xtensions! it looks so real :) you look nice too!

  4. i love these extensions! but i completely agree about the communication thing! i ordered mine on monday...its now thursday and my order status hasnt even changed to dispatched plus the moneys taken from my account..ive emailed foxylocksextensions like 3 times and still no reply...and i really need them for saturday! :(

  5. when they sell out, do they restock them? and obviusly they're really popular on YT so im just curious. and how long did it take for yours to arrive?

  6. Did they send you an email when the extensions had been dispatched? I'm having the exact same problem as you; really need the extensions by Wednesday, but ordered on a Saturday, I need to know whether they'll get here for Wednesday-as I did order next day delivery, however I've not been replied or contacted if they've been dispatched!:(


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