Friday, June 11, 2010

Quick FOTD

Being me, I forgot to take a picture of this this morning :( and also being me, I couldn't find my UDPP. So this is pretty rubbish and smudged after 8 hours of wear. But I thought I'd show you anyway because I like the colours.

I was going for a smokey crease with a lighter lid, and it worked when I did it. But since I've been working over hot water all afternoon the steam has made the colours bleed together. Blegh.. this looked nice this morning. I should have some fun looks, a HOTD and some interesting pics tomorrow :)



  1. Gorgeous EOTD! I'm jealous that you can apply falsies so perfectly, I can't seem to ever get them to work for me!


  2. hey sweetie, i just found your blog! i love it!
    you are stunning :)

  3. @Rica I'm going to do a video tutorial soon! My laptop's fan is broken so I can't record atm because of the noise on the mic, but it should be fixed soon x

    @Madeline Thanks hun, hope you enjoy reading! x


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