Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hi guys,

I just wanted to apologise for my lack of posting over the past few days. I'm helping to open a new restaurant in my town and it is somewhat time consuming! I promise I will be back. I'm headed into London on Wednesday, so my first HOTD and another FOTD to come from that. This weekend I'm walking a marathon overnight in Edinburgh and I hope to be Tweeting live from the walk (if my phone works there!!). And next week is the mine and the boyf's second anniversary, so lots coming up over the next week. I also have my final thoughts on what I've been using of the LUSH haircare proucts I picked up, I have to admit time has changed my opinions of a few!

FYI: I've been having some laptop issues recording videos, but I hope to have my first YouTube videos on the go soon! What do you all want to see?

Chat to you all on Wednesday,


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