Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day Out To Bournemouth and Swanage

Yesterday Ryan, his family and I went to visit some of his extended family in Swanage. To get there we had to take a ferry from Bournemouth. Now before that sounds fun and impressive and a great time for pictures. Turns out, it was a 400 yard crossing!
It literally took like 3 minutes to get across, but it saved us an hours driving. We didn't realise how short it was, and all had to run back to the car as it was driving off the ramp. Ryan and his brother had to jump in while we were moving!! 

Back in the car here's my FOTD. I based this around MAC's Antiqued and used matte shadows to blend it out. I did it in a super rush so I can't quite remember exactly what I used!! And being me I forgot to take a close up of my eye!

And here's me and the lover on Swanage Victorian Pier :) We don't take many pictures so I like these a whole lot!

And on a side note, I also need a bit of advice. I'm taking Law, Business, Maths and Psychology when I re-start college next year, but I've grown up doing drama and I really want to take it and it doesn't have anything to do with the career path I want to follow. But all the same, I've always loved drama, yet I need to get my future and Uni plans sorted. So.. do I focus on the future career? Or do I do what I love and give up something that may affect my chances of getting into Uni?

Any advice/thoughts are appreciated! I'm so confused!


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