Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pink Nouveau and Loud & Lovely Lip Swatches (RAVE!!)

So here is the third in my MAC Lipsticks Lip Swatch Series, and I have a total rave! I have always loved my Pink Nouveau, and now I have discovered the perfect gloss for it too!! I love to pair this colour with green liner on my lower lash line and a bare lid, or a green shirt.
So without further ado..

Pink Nouveau! This is my favourite bright lip, I've been told it takes confidence to wear a colour like this, but I say it gives me confidence to wear it!

About a month ago I bought Loud & Lovely Cremesheen Glass from Rachel at Lady Danger Makeup. She was selling it because she simply didn't pick it up enough, but I'm addicted!

I think it look sooooo beautiful. As much as I hate to say it, I just love the 'plastic' look on the lip. According to Glamour I'm a 'Jordanista': fake hair, fake tan, fake lashes.. etc, etc, but whatever, I like what I like and I look how I like.

Now, the reason I'm so impressed with this gloss, is because it doesn't feel sticky WHAT-SO-EVER! I have NEVER EVER owned a gloss, that doesn't stick at all... I'm actually in shock. I haven't actually tried this since I bought it, purely becuase it looked so sticky in the tube.

What Cremesheen Glasses do you lovelies have? I want to try Boy Bait!



  1. Ooh, I'm really loving Pink Nouveau! I read somewhere that it's Lady Gaga's favourite Mac lippie ;)

  2. oh the only cremesheen that I have is partial to pink and it's really nice.

  3. That combo is perfect! Looks fab on you x

  4. I mean this as a compliment, it reminds me of Barbie's lips :-D xx

  5. What a gorgeous colour! Looks beautiful on you. I haven't tried any of the cremesheen glosses, i want brighter colours!

  6. I love your lips in this post
    am really contemplating getting loud and lovely now :)
    Laura x


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