Sunday, July 11, 2010

Eyelure Girls Aloud Series - Cheryl Festival Lashes

These lashes were recommended to me by a friend, I decided to try out the Cheryl and Kimberly Festival Lashes and the Nadine Lashes for my first purchase and I have to say I'm quite impressed. I definately prefer the standard lashes, but the festival lashes are great for adding a touch of glamour to the more 'out-there' looks! I'll do a little series with all the lashes I buy from the GA collection, because I'll definately be getting more.

I'm starting with Chery's Festival Lashes, I've photographed them with fairly neutral makeup so you can see them properly.

These lashes are fun, but are definately for nights out. Because of their shape  and design they are a little harder to apply, so I wouldn't recommend these if you are just starting out wearing lashes. I love how the gold flecks are only on one side so they flash when you blink :) Super fun lashes, just a bit fiddly placement-wise.

You can buy these at Superdrug, Boots and most department stores.

Have you guys tried these?



  1. They look fab! I've never worn false lashes- any tips? xx

  2. Beautiful! These and Nicola's festival lashes are on my wishlist. I love the metallic sparkles. They're great and cartoony looking :)

  3. @Barbie I'm working on a tutorial, but try MAC or the Nadine GA Eyelure set. Start with liquid liner to give you somewhere to aim for, try to get the lash as close to the lash line as you can without sticking the strip to your natural lashes. It sounds crazy but start with the larger lashes, you have more to hold on to when you're applying. My favourite glue is DUO Clear, make sure it's tacky (after about 30secs) and it will be a whole lot easier to apply.

    @Lillian The Nicola ones were sold out so I haven't seen them, I have to work my way through them all!!!


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