Saturday, July 17, 2010

NOTD Fail: Models Own Bluebelle

I didn't actually get as far as to take proper pictures of this, I absolutely adore this polish but I have discovered that you have to apply it very thinly, very slowly and very neatly!

I started out okay:
But then this happened:

I think, even though the polish seemed dry when I added another coat, it wasnt. And as a result it just peeled off. I know all glitter polishes can be messier than normal ones, and I am crap at getting my nail polish neat so glitter may not have been the best choice, but I had to try it anyway! Because I'm pretty bad at being neat, I tend to do my best and then use nail polish remover around the edges, something which is almost impossible with glitter polish!

So I ended up like this:

Pretty much a total fail. I think I need a whole lot more practice before I attempt glitter polish again! How do you all get your glitter polish to work for you?



  1. Oh no, how annoying! I've never really had a problem with glitter polish, other than taking it off, so i'm afraid i can't help :(

  2. I've never had that problem, dunno what to do to help, sorry

    I’m starting with my beauty blog and I would appreciate if you become my follower. Thank you so much (^_^)


  3. Hi Lora,

    I hate glitter nailvarnish, its always a nightmare to remmove! To apply I think its better to build up coverage, but saying that,4/5 coats later, it can still need a few more!!! I just dont have the time. Stick to Cream / Shimmer nails- they will never let you down!


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