Friday, July 23, 2010

LUSH Compounders On Tour

So it's only taken me 2 and a half weeks to upload the photos from my iPhone to my laptop, and I feel bad! This was a really fun experience, although short which was a little disappointing :(

I went to the Windsor store on July 5th and Jack and Brahim from the LUSH Factory were there to show us how to make the Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic.

They did the measuring and mixing for the purple and pink powder that is used to form the ballistic, then moved outside to give us all the chance to make our own ballistic. They used little plastic re-usable moulds to shape and dry the ballistic, once dry (after 24-48 hours) the mould is removed and re-used.

 First the little rice paper rose is placed upsidown in on of the halves of the mould.

 Then the top half is packed with purple ballistic powder.

Then the second half is overfilled with pink powder and the two halves pushed together hard, REALLY REALLY hard. The excess powder is pushed out of the sides of the two moulds to make the shape.

All done!

The powder is basically magic in that it glues to itself and dries that way, but if you don't get enough in and close the mould completely it won't stick. Kind of strange but it works. Now being me, I forgot to take a picture of it! However, there will be one tomorrow when I put up the first round of prizes for my giveaway, because it is part of the goodie bag!

Look forward to tomorrow ladies (and boys! I know you're there!), I can't wait!!



  1. Wow that looks like so much fun! I really want to learn to make my own bath products :)

  2. Looks really funny (^_^)

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  4. hey Lora, 6 months is nothing, really, if you want to enter I will accept your entry! I actually made that rule cos I didn't want 14 y.o. to enter and parents to be scared when they see someone who is 26 got their home address ehehehe


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