Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Formspring.. Thoughts?

So I just got home from my last driving lesson before my test to find this on my Formspring:


I love that this was posted anonymously, and the person obvoiusly doesn't actually look at my looks that closely as it was purple and green not pink and green! So I'd like to know, what do you all think of hateful things that are said on Formspring? I have seen a whole lot of it lately and really didn't think I'd become a target of it. I go by the motto, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all".

This is also the first person who has ever actually told me I'm 'shit' at makeup, most people will either like what I do or never say anything.. so maybe I am shit and nobody's ever been frank enough to tell me, but a "you're not very good, get someone to help you" would have been enough I think. Is calling my work disgusting is a bit extreme?

I'm not going to go on and on about this, I was just wondering what all your thoughts are on the subject?



  1. Just don't bother about it...if they wanna say that things is because they're bored and don't know what to do.

  2. Ugh god what a twat. These people are just trying to be cruel and hurtful for no reason. Your makeup is amazing and i don't believe for a minute they actually believed what they wrote, they just wanted to upset you.
    I guess blogs and formspring are just a real playground for bullies. They can attack without any fear of being caught because they're anonymous. Just try and remember that you are great, and putting yourself out on your blog for the world to see is a million times braver than those bullies could ever be.

  3. it's formspring not forumspring

  4. hey its me again, (from FORMspring not FORUMspring) but you wouldn't know that you dumb bitch

    sorry but its not purple it is pink you color blind bitch!

    play ground bullies..... AT LEAST I'M STILL IN SCHOOL
    you fucking dropout stuck ass your own ass bitch

    why don't you get your head out of your ass and into school where it belongs rather than maintaining a blog for HOPELESS LOSERS who clearly have nothing better to do with their life

    and just as a final note you are really terrible at doing makeup

    here some pointer:


  5. Right.. does it matter that I made a spelling mistake? I apologise.

    And yes, I did drop out and I'm proud that I had the guts to, because I wasn't happy with my courses. I'm restarting in September, repeating my 2 year course with different subjects. So I may be a drop out, but at least I'm starting over and getting back on track. And 'stuck ass you own ass bitch' doesn't mean anything..

    And this green and purple combo:

    IS actually PURPLE and green with a coral to blend.. please show me this pink eyeshadow because I can't find it anywhere!

    Your opinion is that I'm terrible, but I made this blog to improve; so I may be total crap now, but in time I will improve.

    Also, could you show me where I've used foundation as lipstick? Since I don't actually put foundation on my lips and use a nude lipstick (MAC's Myth) when I want that look.

    And aren't you joining the hopless losers by reading my blog since you clearly know all this stuff about me?

  6. Hi Lora, I have been watching your blog for quite some time now.

    Everyone's opinion on makeup is different - it doesn't mean that you are "shit" at makeup. In fact, that isn't a very constructive comment to make - what do they mean by that? Was the blending not correct, an unusual colour choice etc. (in my opinion there is no wrong colour choice by the way, only experimentation). Sounds to me like they are just looking for someone to attack, to make them feel like a better person. And personally attacking you will not help you improve your makeup, if that is what they are trying to achieve.

    Personally, I think they just envious because you have the courage to post your results online.

    Surely "Anonymous" would take their own advice, wouldn't be following this blog like the rest of us 'Losers' and be in school?

    I am a professionally trained makeup artist that receives inspiration and helpful tips from people like Lora.

    If they don't like it, lets see them do better.


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