Friday, July 9, 2010

Nailene French Finish False Nails

Hellooo.. sorry I'm doing badly with the posts this month, I'm not very well and am going into hospital next week to have surgery on my feet :( not fun and tons of effort to sort out!

Since I've been ill I have been pampering myself a bit and I decided to try out Nailene for the first time :) I didn't do amazingly with the application but they lasted 5 days without a problem. I figured out after I'd got them on that I couldn't just dot the glue on my nail and the fake nail, I needed to thinly spread the glue to prevent the air bubbles in the glue.

I can't fault the quality of these nails, the glue is incredibly strong and the nails are flexible enough to be comfortable, but strong enough to last without chipping or breaking.

My only issue with these is that I had a hell of a two hours removing them! I soaked them in acetone as instructed, the tips melted within a few minutes but it took a long time to scrub off the part attached to my nail. Eventually I figured that it worked better to melt off the tip and slowly lift up the nail in pieces rather than scrubbing at it.

Even though they take a while to remove, I will definately be using Nailene again as I'm sure I'll figure out the knack to getting them off. For just over a fiver these are incredible.

What are your favourite do-it-yourself falsies? And how do you remove them?



  1. I'd love to be able to do these nails myself but I'm just not confident enough as it looks quite fiddly! Good luck with your operation, I've had one myself this week, not fun!

  2. they look good !! i never did them by myself i`m too impatient :/ lol


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