Wednesday, July 28, 2010

HOTD & FOTD From Yesterday

So I decided I really had to get a new haircut, I definately had to go for some change and here is the result:

I can finally put my hair up without looking like I have no hair too! So with new hair I did a fairly neutral face using:

MAC Prep + Prime
MAC Studio Fix SPF 15 in NC30 (thanks to Xen-Tan!)
 MAC MSF in Medium
MAC Powder Blush in Pink Swoon
Rimmel London Liquid Liner in Black
Eyelure Girls Aloud Lashes in Nadine
MAC Plush Lash in PlushBlack
MAC Lipstick in Pretty Please
I kinda like peeking out from under my fringe :)



  1. You look gorgeous with that hairstyle!

  2. You look lovely :) Love the makeup!!


  3. You really suit your fringe and your makeup is lovely!

  4. very very pretty Lora! I've always thought you were one of the most gorgeous people out there but now the new hair elevated it ;)
    what lippie are you wearing?

  5. Aww thank you! It's MAC's Pretty Please, I can't remember if I have a lipglass in Morning Glory on too though xx

  6. So I'm honestly not trying to be hurtful, or mean, but before you start acting like a professional you need to start doing make-up like one. You don't know everything about make-up as you pretend to, in some of your posts you mention the color wheel and that purple/green are opposites, they're really not. You need to get facts straight before acting like your make-up is suddenly superior to everyone else's. And anyone can apply nail polish, that's not something new in this industry. I think with more practice and less narcissism on your part would make you a good make-up artist!
    Also, a little tip, less is most definitely more!

    OH! also LIPGLOSS, not lipglass.

  7. Okay.. so I was referring to a MAC lipgloss, which they call a lipglass.. let's clear that one up. It doesn't really matter, but I was referring to a specific product.

    And when did I start acting like a professional? I was taught colour theory by a friend who works at MAC, she gave me a colour wheel and that's what I'm referring to, on a colour wheel like this one :

    Violet-Red and Yellow-Green are opposite to each other, debate it if you wish, you can make your own judgement, I don't really care. If you disagree, don't read what I have to say.

    I'm not acting like my makeup is superior.. could you point out where exactly I do that? I read about 50 other blogs, all of which do FOTDs and NOTDs so I'm doing exactly the same: sharing something I love with others. If you think I'm so up myself then why are you even looking at my blog. You have the guts to post all these things about me, but you don't even have the guts to show your identity.

    I'm most definately not a professional, I haven't trained, I haven't worked anywhere.. I just like makeup, it's the one thing I actually really enjoy doing. I'm not pretending to know anything I'm just going by little tips that friends and other bloggers have encouraged me with.

    And just to clear this up, if you're saying less is most definately more about the above pictures and referring to my eyelashes, I wear them because I don't have a whole lot of my own and they go extremely clumpy when I wear mascara on its own. I'd rather have to wear that little bit more 'fakery' than spend 2 hours trying to get them to look normal.

    I started this blog to help me track my own progress, to help me get better at makeup, so it may be menial to you that I post what nail polish I have on, but to me I can see the improvement on what I do over time. I never went out looking for people to follow my blog, which proves one thing: my blog is for me, those who choose to read it may, but I'm not worried if they do or not.

    So I hope that clears up your concerns. But if you really think I'm so narcissistic, don't read my blog. It's as simple as that.

  8. You look very pretty as well :)


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