Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NOTD: Nailene Couture

These are my favourite Nailene Full Covers I have ever tried! I just love the design and they just look so perfect!!

I'm sorry the photo isn't brilliant! My camera is playing up and refusing to go into the proper 'mode' for close up shots!!

I adore Nailene Nails in general, I've never once had a chip or break and with the level of typing and general 'hands-on' work I do, this is pertty amazing! Nailene have so many designs to choose from, they are just one of those brands where the really is something for everyone. The 200 nail packs are amazing for finding the right size for your own nails, but even the smaller packs, which can have anywhere from 12-18 different sizes, contain enough variety to give anyone and everyone gorgeous.

I personally find painting my nails fairly difficult, I'm not the most neat and co-ordinated in that area so I takes me hours to do one coat. But I can apply a full set of Nailene falsies in about 10 minutes (plus there's zero polish drying time, the glue literally takes 20-30 seconds to go rock hard!!). Who wants to sit in a salon for an hour and pay £40 for something you can do yourself for just over a fiver? Not me. Though occasionally I do enjoy the pampering, I don't have the time or cash on a regular basis! Plus the Couture Nails just make me feel extra special!!

I find these sets last about 6-8 days, it really depends on your activity and the growth rate of your nails. I do like this because it presents me with the opportunity to have a new design and colour. I've never had another brand last as long while staying in top notch condition, a sure sign of the quality of Nailene products. Nailene are the definition of good value when you pitch the quality against the price; it seems too good to be true, but it isn't!

If you'd like to see more of Nailene, check out to see a full list of offerings! If you've never tried false nails before, it's a great way to start! And if you're a seasoned professional, try out more designs and keep your nails looking fresh!


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