Monday, May 3, 2010

I am determined... post 5 times per week on my blog for the whole of May.

Hmm.. relistic? Maybe.. Maybe not. As you may have noticed I've been struggling to put looks up while I have been working full time. Eeekkk I have 37 hours from Monday to Friday this week :S lots of money but so little free time! So my solution is: to create a look when I get home from work everyday I work early, and to  make an effort to get up that little bit earlier to create a look before work everyday I work late. Since I've started working so much I have become a foundation and mascara case. BORING.

Anyway, just to update you all, I recently did a 10K power walk (in my sailor themed bra no less!) for the charity Walk The Walk and I'll be completing (hopefully) a marathon power walk in June (Tinkerbell bra outfit in the making!). If anyone would like to donate to this amazing cause please visit my Donation Page.

My lovely mum and I pre-walk

Hundreds of pink-hatted walkers

I'll post some more pictures soon, we're supposed to be emailed the pictures that were taken by the organiser so I may actually get some of me walking :)


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