Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Benefit YouRebel Tinted Moisturiser Review

This summer I've virtually ditched true full coverage foundation all together, a first for me in about 3/4 years. I've replaced my normal foundation products with Benefit's YouRebel and MAC's Face and Body Foundation, both of which I will be reviewing this week. I'm starting with YouRebel simply because I've had it longer..

So here's what Benefit have to say:

"Our defiantly different tinted moisturizer gives your complexion coverage, moisture and SPF 15 protection all in one. For fair-skinned rebels. 
  • Aloe, known for its soothing and moisturizing properties.
  • Vitamin A, known for its ability to improve skin's elasticity and as a result fight signs of aging.
  • Vitamin E, known to protect skin from free radicals."

And now for analyzing...

So in the UK YouRebel costs £21.50, which for the amount of product (50ml) and how long it lasts I'd say is reasonable. To be honest I'd be happier with it being around the £15 mark but it's not something that would stop me buying again.  I haven't used up a whole tube so I couldn't tell you how long it really would last but I can't see myself running out any time soon.

I like that this is a squeezy tube, it makes it very easy to control the amount of product that you dispense from the tube. However, the fact that it's a pliable metal tube I don't like so much. I'm a bit worried that when I reach the dregs of the tube this will make it quite difficult to dispense the last drops of product. It is similar to the Nealson's Homeopathic Creams which tend to break at the corners when it comes to squeezing the end of the product out, something that worries me slightly since Benefit are a brand aimed at the young and old. I personally first used this product aged 11 and knowing me if I'd had my own tube at that age I would have done everything I could to get every drop out, almost certainly I would have cut my fingers.. A minor thing but it's a brand who say they provide products mothers can share with their daughters...

Overall it does what it says on the tin. It's a tinted moisturiser, nothing overly special. It does the job I expect it to. I get a healthy glow when using this, but it does tend to shine.. a lot. Which is simply solved with a light dusting of mineral powder.

It looks very dark when first squeezed out of the tube..

And a little definately goes a long way..

The top 1/3 of this swatch has the YouRebel applied, the middle 1/3 has it heavily blended out and the bottom 1/3 is my natural skin tone.

YouRebel gives light coverage, if you have heavy discolouration or uneven skin tone to start with your skin will become a touch more even but will never look flawless. This product + powder lasts all day and just about keeps the shine away, the powder gives it a boost to light/medium coverage but this will depend on your choice of powder.

Overall, YouRebel is something I would repurchase until I found something better. So far it's the best I've used, but it has caused a few breakouts and I just have the feeling that eventually I will find something that suits my skin little bit better. I don't think I would ever purchase the 'lite' version of this as I like the healthy glow this gives me and I know the 'lite' version is a lot more yellow and would not suit me. I'm not the biggest fan of Benefit products to start with as I sometimes find them a little bit 'gimmicky', so praise for one of their products is serious from me.

I've never really stuck at a tinted moisturiser for so long before and would really like to try some more.. any favourites or suggestions? Send them my way!


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  1. this is what i use on a day to day basis, and i agree with basically everything you have said in this, i myself haven't had break outs but everyones skin is different and i definetely agree that it would be at its perfect price of £15 but i suppose its worth it x


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