Sunday, August 22, 2010

Marine Life...

This sold out at my local counter within 3 hours of it going on sale.. It's just preeetttyyyy.. :)

I didn't really want this.. it was sold out and I was just like.. oh well nbd. But then I did want it.. a few weeks after the collection finished I decided I had to have it. eBay was nuts expensive so I went in search of a swap :) All it took was £20 worth of requested LUSH products and a few weeks later my little green box showed up :)

I used it once and the gold came off around the bottom :( it was perfect..

I just kinda like to look at it :)



  1. Very pretty, you should use it in a face of the day.


  2. It's so pretty! Can't wait for u to do a face of the day post! =)


  3. congrats on getting it! I ordered one from ebay and it never came, I had to file a dispute, then a claim and got my money back and never heard from the seller. Ebay is sketchy to buy off for sure, especially for popular items such as this. :)

  4. its such a beautiful compact and the colours look lush :) x

  5. its such a pretty little thing, i couldn't bear myself to use it!
    the colours are beautiful though x


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