Monday, August 9, 2010

Hana Flat Iron Review

So a while back I won A Brilliant Brunette's giveaway to win a Hana Flat Iron from Misikko. I was super excited as I've always been a GHD freak and have never used anything else I thought this would be lovely opportunity to try out another brand without having to spend money on something that I might not love and end up just leaving it around somewhere unused.

I have only just recieved my package from Misikko because I had it shipped to my Aunt's house here in the US. I opened it to find a Hana Professional Flat Iron in a gorgeous pink case protected by a cushioned metal box. There were even faux flowers and petals in my package.

I was really pleased there was a temperature gauge as I've never tried a straightener with one. I also adore the colour!
Unfortunately that's where most of the good ends. These straighteners straightened my hair fine, but no matter how hot I got them or how many times I went over the section, they refused to straighten the ends of my hair. I have layers, and I normally blend these layers by passing my GHDs over the entire thickness of my hair once each layer is straight. But I just couldn't get my ends to go straight so I could even attempt to do this. I just made the layers really obvious, and not in a good way. I know it's not my hair because my GHDs work fine. To me it just looked messy and like I'd done a half-assed job of straightening my hair. It made me pine for my GHDs back in England.

However, I adore how these straighteners work on my new fringe! It rounds it out perfectly and looks really professional. When I get back to England I'd like to do a side-by-side comparison of how the two brands work on my fringe, I'm really impressed by the Hanas though.

I was also given a few hair products from Hana to try, though I wanted to test the straighteners without the use of anything but heat protection spray as this is the true test. I will now be trying out the products they sent me too to see if these make any difference to how the straightening goes. Stay tuned!

So overall, I wouldn't run out to buy these, and would choose GHDs over them.  For me and my hair type, they just aren't right. The quality of the iron is great but it just doesn't suit my hair. Maybe try them if you have finer hair, I think they'd be amazing then, but at $200+ I'm just not feeling it. I'll be trying these on my Foxy Locks Extensions too, I want to see how they work on them!

Have any of you ladies tried these?


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