Monday, August 16, 2010

Nude FOTD & Simple HOTD

So the reason I've been even worse than normal at posting this weekend is because we took a trip to NYC! I thought I'd have internet and the time to post, but we were only there for 3 nights and ended up seeing 2 shows and staying at the top of the Emipre State Building until 2am! We were rushing around like crazy trying to see everything, I barely checked my emails! So I'm going back a few days, but on Wednesday when we left I did super simple and almost non-existant makeup becuase I really didn't want to have to take a ton off when I got to our hotel room, I knew I'd just want to sleep! So here's what I did:

 Benefit YouRebel SPF15 Tinted Moisturiser
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium
NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo in Orgasm/Laguna
MAC Prep+Prime Lash
MAC Plush Lash in PlushBlack
MAC Lipstick in Myth
MAC Cremesheen Glass in Boy Bait

I'm adoring my YouRebel this summer. I never use it in England, but it's been a godsend with the humidity out here. I'll be doing a full post and review soon!

I just straightened my hair, sorted out my fringe and clipped up the shorter top sections. It's a simple, sleek look I do most days. It's also really versatile because you can put in pretty clips or backcomb for a bit of extra oomph!

Before this I couldn't wear makeup for about a week because I got a tiny bit burned (nothing bad, just a bit pink!) and didn't want to agravate it in the hope I wouldn't peel (which I didn't!), so that's the real reason for my lack of FOTD's.. My skin's all better now so I have a lot of catching up to do!!

What's you favourite summer beauty product?



  1. <33 ur looks.. did you wearing fake eyelashes ?

  2. @ipehishere Thanks sweetie, no just MAC Plush Lash and Prep+Prime. I have weird gaps in my lashes so it takes a ton of mascara and combing for them to look normal.. but because of the amount of mascara they do look a bit fake.. *sigh*

  3. so pretty and simple! perfect for summer :)

  4. Your first picture has convinced me that I need Myth lipstick lol you look gorgeous :) x

  5. You look great with that look!

  6. I really don't think that lipstick suits you well. It's my honest opinion that it looks like you're wearing foundation on your lips and it makes you look grossly pale. Since you're the make up technician here, you should know that lips should never be the same colour as the skin.

  7. I'll take it as a personal opinion, so here's mine. Personally I like it, and I'm not a makeup technician, I have no training or technical knowledge other than what I have picked up around the blogosphere. As far as I'm aware makeup has no rules and everyone can express themselves in different ways with different colours. Why would they make a lipstick in this colour if you should never have lips this colour? Obviously unsuccessfully I was trying to draw more attention to my eyes by playing down my lips. And I am a naturally pale NC15, I don't think it's that gross really..

  8. i am a fan of the nude or pale pink lip paired with a smokey eye. i think it looks great and you should do what you like.if we tried to please everyone we'd never get anywhere. some people really need to think twice before giving their opinion esp when it comes across as is art.its a way to express yourself.i believe that there are no rules and if you make a mistake thats alryt just wipe it off and start again! love your looks btw


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