Monday, August 23, 2010

Why My Giveaway Is For Fellow Bloggers..

Today I recieved a few comments on my 50 Follower Giveaway post from anonymous readers. The first read something like..

"I think it's unfair that this giveaway is only for bloggers. I read your blog but I don't have my own. Because of this I don't want to read your blog anymore and I think I'm not the only one." (rough quote of what was actually written, NOT A DIRECT QUOTE)

Then I assume another anonymous reader stated that the person shouldn't be trying to make me feel guilty, and if they truly liked my blog they wouln't stop reading it just because of a giveaway, among other things.

I assume the first anonymous commenter replied to the effect that they accepted that that was the opinion of the writer but they think it's an unfair way to get more readers.


So you're all thinking "Why the hell is Lora writing a post about this.." But I'll be honest, it struck a nerve with me. I don't necessarily feel like I have to explain myself for the reasons of my giveaway, but I've written civil replies to every piece of negative criticism I've gotten explaining myself so why shouldn't I explain this?

To start, the reason my giveaway is for those with blogs is simply because this is who I'm thanking. I've learned almost everything I know from fellow bloggers and they are the reason I started my own blog. I apologise to those who read but do not have their own blogs so they can't enter this time. I really am sorry I haven't included you. But I feel I kind of.. debt.. I suppose.. to the blogging community and I wanted to give something back.

And let's face it, it's not like this is my one and only giveaway. There will be more and they will be open to people without blogs too. But this one is my first and I just wanted to say a small thank you to the many blogs who have taught me so much.

Also.. I'm not trying to be rude or a bitch.. but if you don't want to read my blog because you can't enter a giveaway then don't read it. Honestly, I've said it many times this blog was started for me, to build my knowledge and gain confidence in what I do. I'm glad that some people may find benefit from my ramblings, and that's hopefully why you read my blog to start with. If you're just here waiting to enter the giveaways then are you really reading everything anyway and do you really care what I have to say?

I honestly don't care how many followers I have, no doubt I will lose some after this giveaway is over anyway. I don't write this blog to get followers and readers, that's just a perk of the system. It's nice to see that I have people reading my blog, and yes it does encourage me to write more often than if I was only being read by one person. I'm sure that's the same for most people. I appeciate the people who read what I have to say and I do remember those who comment regularly.. I really do. I go through and read everything, I may not always reply but know that I've read it and appreciate you taking the time to write something down.

So I'm not doing this giveaway to get more followers and I'm not doing it to make people who can't enter feel bad.. The whole point of it is to say thank you to those who contribute to a community that I value so much.

And Anonymous.. if you're still reading this.. there will be giveaways open to others who don't have blogs themselves. And the only reason I say you have to be a follower is so that random people who haven't read a thing of my blog or happened to chance the page by mistake can't enter. I know there will always be people who make blogs just for giveaways but most people won't enter them into the final drawing anyway. I don't do it all to make myself popular or whatever.. I'm just trying to say a small thank you to those who have helped in some small  or large way to give me the confidence to write this blog. So if you do enjoy reading what I write then I hope you won't stop reading over not being able to enter a giveaway and that one day you'll write a blog of your own.. It does hurt me a little bit that you think I'm doing this for more readers/attention.

Well.. sorry for the rant. I just don't really like people thinking that I'm doing this to get followers or get noticed or somthing.



  1. Ahh I dont know why some people feel the need to try and ruin things for others.. You don't have to hold a giveaway but you are because you want to thank people that have shown an interest and still there's people bitching about it, I guess you can't please everyone! xx

  2. Aw...I understand you! I'm holding a giveaway right now, and my followers have multiplicated...but a lot of them have blogs only for giveaways and that...
    but as I didn't explain in the rules that I don't accept blogs only made for giveaways and that things...
    well, I've learned for the next time! (^_^)

  3. I think its okay to have a giveaway only for your followers, and if someone really wants to be in the giveaway then they should make a blog..I mean if there reading blogs a lot then why dont they just make one for thereselves its funnier??...I dont think you are doing anything wrong, dont let others bring you down or feel bad about it.


  4. Lora I don't know what to say apart from do what you think is right. After this post I totally agree with everything you have said. Your true followers know you are not doing the giveaway for attention ♥

  5. you shouldnt worry, having a 50 follower giveaway is extremely generous in itself! xxx

  6. It's a real shame if you lose followers because of this but then if anyone is willing to stop following a blog because of a giveaway then they weren't worth having in the first place!
    I think your blog is fab, I pick up so many beauty hints and tips from blogs like this, so please keep up the good work for those of us who appreciate it :)

  7. No offense but I disagree with Keisha. It's not easy making a blog and maintaining it. Some people don't have enough time or they simply aren't interested in having a blog. I think making a blog so you can enter giveaways just defeats the whole purpose. You should have a blog because you like it =)

    Maybe some people feel that you don't appreciate people like him/her who read your blog but don't have a blog. It's like a celebrity and the fans, you know? The celebrity always thanks the fans for their support whenever he/she gets an award. (Just my opinion)

  8. @GoldenGlow Definately.. the one thing I've learned from blogging is that you can NEVER please absolutely everyone no matter what you do!

    @Becky I've had to make several disqualifications simpy because people didn't follow the rules.. but I felt I made them very clear, even posting an example comment. I don't want to disqualify people but I have to be fair to everyone entering and not make special allowances.

    @Keisha I understand why people may get annoyed, but I've spelled out my reasons and there will be other giveaway too.. I always encourage people to blog because it's a great outlet for things you may not share in your everyday life, but I also get that it's not right for everyone.

    @Audrey Thanks sweetie, those are the people I want to be reading my blog and I feel I work very hard to give them something interesting to read!

    @Chloe Thanks, I think so too, to be honest. It's the sort of thing that people would say, "Oh, you just want followers!" but actually I'm just a generous person. It's just something the internet can't show I'm afraid!

    @Yelda Smile!

    @Grannysmither Thanks, I picked up almost everything I know from other blogs and as well as showing my progress to myself I want to show others that some things really aren't as hard as they seem!

    @Isabel You're totally right when you say blogging isn't easy.. Especially keeping up a good variety of things to post regularly. I honestly think blogs for giveaways are a bit silly.. You aren't really contributing anything except your own desire to get your hands on free stuff and I think this is why most bloggers will not accept these blogs' entries. I totally get what you mean by the celeb/fan situation, but as I've explained before I do appreciate these people, just because they don't have a blog doesn't make their readership less appreciated by me. This giveaway was tailored to those who contribute to the blogging community, I'm thanking them with this one, but as I've said, there will be other giveaways for those who don't keep their own blog to show my appreciation for them too.

  9. Isn't it funny how people who want to leave rude or offensive comments always leave them as anonymous.

    It's their loss if they choose not to read your blog anymore just because they can't enter a contest.

    Keep up the great work :)


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