Monday, August 16, 2010

MAC Lash Series - #4 Lashes

As most of you know, I wear false lashes virtually every day. I have some pretty large gaps in my natural lashes that have always been there; it takes a lot of time and a ton of mascara to get my lashes looking full and 'normally placed', needless to say the gaps become very obvious when I wear mascara and I find it a lot easier and a lot faster to use lashes suited for everyday wear. I usually alternate between MAC #4's, #7's and #31's depending on the look I'm going for. #4's are long and wispy, #7's are spiked bunches of lashes and #31's are natural length and look. I'm going to do a series of my favourite MAC Lashes because I really think they can look very different on that off and you should never judge lashes until you've seen them on someone (preferably yourself). I'm starting with my most frequently used and today I'm featuring the #4's.

So here's how they look brand new in their case. I always store my lashes in their original case as it keeps them in better condition and out of harms way!
Okay, this is the lash applied close to the lash line with no eye liner or other eye makeup. I personally think it looks pretty awful at this stage!

Next I apply a light coat of mascara. Most people will tell you to apply mascara first then apply the lash. It's true, the lashes will last longer (as in number of times you can wear them) if you do this, but I find they look very un-blended and I actually find it very difficult to apply the lash close enough to the lash line when I already have mascara on. It's personal choice, for myself I just think they look better when done this way.  
Once the pair of lashes have been worn once I skip this step entirely and apply a single coat over my own lashes and a further coat on the root.

Here I've applied a second thin coat of mascara to the roots of my lashes only. This thoroughly blends your natural lashes with the false ones. With this type of lash you would risk clumping the wispy hairs together if you applied any more mascara. Not to mention that these are fairly natural looking lashes and you would be making them look more and more fake with each coat of mascara. Again, it's personal choice but all I would say is let the false lash do it's job, get your own lashes blended in and then STOP!
I've also intensified the look by applying black eyeliner in my waterline. Don't do this if you want a really natural look. For a super natural look leave your waterline bare, for a touch of definition use a light brown liner and for a super defined look use black. I felt that since these wispys were so long I needed to balance out my bottom lash line.

What are your favourite natural lashes?



  1. Wow they look great and really natural I can never figure out how to apply lashes without them poking out and looking completely obvious lol xx

  2. Sadly, I suck at putting on lashes - its one of the makeup skills I've yet to master. :(

  3. these look great.I havnt tryed MAC lashes yet but im going to go get some!

  4. They look really natural!

  5. Those are great lashes, Ive fairly new at wearing lashes, so at this point I love them, but I dont really have any favorites yet, im just experimenting with different kinds

  6. Thanks girls! I'm going to try to do a video or a post on how I apply my lashes so anyone who is struggling can get some tips. I'm no expert but I'd be happy to share what I do.. xx

  7. I'm jealous, i wish i had the discipline to wear false lashes every day. These look wonderful on you, very natural but really long and lovely :)

  8. That looks fabulous. I have the same issue as you do: lashes that are sparse or GONE in clumps, so I also have to wear the false lashes every day. These look very natural... going to buy

  9. Have you tried it ady? I just noticed that formula of these lashes have changed since this post, cause they look different now


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