Thursday, August 26, 2010

OPI Ogre-The-Top-Blue NOTD

So on my last trip down to the mall in America I came across the last few bottles of the OPI Shrek Collection in Trade Secret. There were all such lovely colours and I had seen a few people wearing them across the blogosphere and I had to have them. I decided the cheapest way to get them was to buy the set of mini's and then the two remaning full sizes separately. They had Ogre-The-Top-Blue and the mini's set but Funkey Donkey was out of stock :( I've tracked it down on the net and it's on it's way to completing my collection though! These are my first OPI polishes and so far I'm adoring them. I've had the Base Coat, Chip Proof and Top Coat for a while and I can't fault them so I've been waiting to find a collection I love to try them out. I'm very attached to Models Own, but OPI hasn't disappointed me!

 OPI Ogre-The-Top-Blue

I applied this last Tuesday, and I've purposely waited this long to take the photograph. The tip-wear, which is predominantly from my excessive typing, is so minimal it's a bit ridiculous it's been almost 10 days and I have minimal tip wear and absolutely no chipping.

I also got a little bored the other day and decided to experiment with the Bedazzle Nail Art Nailene sent to me :)

I used the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Diamond Top Coat, because I didn't have my OPI one with me, to keep the jewels in place, but it went a bit bubbly when combined with the glue from the jewels. I'm going to try my OPI one next time and see if it works a little better!

What's your favourite colour polish right now?



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