Friday, August 27, 2010

MAC Lash Series - #7 Lashes

Okay, so here are my other pair of 'regular' wear lashes. These are probably my most used lashes simply because they look reasonably natural and fill in all my gaps :)

Recently I've had several emails from readers asking about why I apply my mascara after I put on my lashes. The simply reason is that I find it easier to apply lashes without mascara already there and in my way of seeing the natural lash line and I find my natural lashes blend much better because I apply less mascara overall.

MAC #7's - No Mascara
MAC #7's - Plush Lash in PlushBlack

This isn't the right way to apply lashes, nor is it the wrong way. Everyone develops their own little tricks as they learn and this is just the way that works for me :) I can't figure out how to use tweezers to do this, my fingers work great for me..

What's the best way you've found to apply lashes?


  1. I've never been able to apply lashes they always poke out in the corners and ping off half way through the night. I once had someone blow into my eye gently to get rid of a stray hair and my false lashes flew off which was embarassing. You apply yours so well they look as if they could actually be your own! x

  2. I apply my mascara after I put on eyelashes too I find that it also helps blend the lashes with you real ones..oh btw did you pick a winner for your giveaway? I'm excited to see who won, I check your blog everyday but I haven't seen where you posted it :)


  3. These look gorgeous, i am a huge false lash fan. I tend to curl my lashes, apply a coat of mascara wait for it to dry then apply lashes then apply a really light coat of mascara onto the lashes to help them blend in. x

  4. Wow, these look really great. I've never got Mac lashes but after seeing this post I really have to get me some :)

  5. These are my fave lashes of all time, I wear them loads :-)


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