Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MAC & (First Ever!) Sephora Haul

I had a lovely day out shopping today. I originally went to MAC to pick up some products from the Dare To Wear collection, but I got there and just wasn't feeling the colours. I've been told that they swatch chalky and streaky, but with a good primer they work well. To be honest, I swatched and just couldn't bring myself to spend the money on colours that really just didn't speak to me like I wanted them to. I was tempted by the Dare To Wear Lip Glasses, but I ended up thinking that I just wouldn't use them enough. But there were a few other things on my wishlist that I decided to pick up instead.

I knew I wanted to get a lipstick from the Digi-Dazzle Collection, and I think I want to go back for another. They are so gorgeous and creamy, though the glitter is hell to remove. But they're so cute I don't think I can resist! I chose Naughty You, I still haven't beaten my pink lippie addiction apparently.

I adore this colour so much.. I haven't even worn it yet, but we're going out tomorrow night so I'm definately trying it out then!!

I fell in love when I bought my Loud & Lovely Cremesheen Glass from Lady Danger's blog sale a while back, I find Cremesheen's super glossy and creamy, plus they aren't sticky!! I've been chasing after Boy Bait for about 2 months now, I try to keep a matching gloss for every lipstick I have and I needed a nude. 2 MAC stores I went to didn't stock it, and the 3rd was out of stock, so I finally tracked it down today. I also picked up Fashion Scoop, which was also sold out in my local store in England. The MUA serving me said it's one that sells out often and they had just recieved their shipment this afternoon so I was lucky to catch it! I can't wait to use these and get lip swatches going!

I somehow forgot to bring my MAC Falsies with me on holiday.. I really don't know how I managed that but I used it as a perfect excuse to get my hands on some new pairs of my regulars!

After MAC I headed on over to Sephora as I really wanted to get a NARS Matte foundation since it had been recommended to me to deal with my oily T-Zone. So I got all colour matched and sorted, and then they were out of stock of my colour. I was disappointed, but it did give me the opportunity to cave and buy the duo of Orgasm and Laguna.. Something I've wanted all year. I'm super thrilled I got my hands on this as I've been waiting and waiting for the opportunity!

I already love it and will definately be using it tomorrow!

And finally; On with the swatches!

MAC Cremesheen Glass in Fashion Scoop; MAC Cremesheen Glass in Boy Bait
MAC Digi-Dazzle Lipstick in Naughty You

NARS Powder Blush in Orgasm; NARS Powder Bronzer in Laguna
(Sorry for the quality, I'll do better ones in natural light!)

What are your NARS and MAC product recommendations right now?!


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