Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Myth & Boy Bait Lip Swatch

I've been chasing Boy Bait for a long, long time now and it deserves a lip swatch without a doubt. I adore MAC's Cremesheen Glasses and this is the best nude lipgloss I've come across for a good while now, it's not clear by any means but it has just enough nude colour to look perfect.

I've got it over Myth here, they're a match made in heaven, if you get one you need the other!

What's your favourite nude gloss?


Also a quick heads up that the fourth and final set of goodies will be revealed tonight! I'm going to the Mall of NH today to pick up the final lot but since I'm going out to dinner with the fam straight after that I'll be posting it when I get home! Keep you're eyes peeled tonight, it's your last chance to get extra entries!


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  2. Those two look lovely together!! I've still yet to try myth :)
    - Beth x

  3. I really want boy bait looks lovely x

  4. This is my favourite nude combo too! They are a match made in lipcolour heaven!!

  5. love love love that- that might have to be the perfect nude lip :)

    Ray xx



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