Sunday, August 29, 2010

Current Perfume Loves

Since I share almost everything else beauty related I figured I'd share my current smelly favourites :)

DKNY Be Delicious Green; Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers "G"; Hugo XX Summer

I'm the kind of person that asks for makeup for birthday/christmas and gets perfume.. always. If a friend is round mine and says they like one of the ones I don't I just give it to them.. I mean, I'm not going to use it so why not?

These three were the favourites for this summer and the ones I took with me on hoilday. I've had DKNY the longest, I just love apply things.. I even have an apple scented hand sanitiser in my car! My boyfriend gave me "G" at the end of last summer.. he originally thought the bottle was cool and knew I'd like that, but now when I wear it he turns around and goes "You're wearing the Gwen one, aren't you?" :) I got Hugo for my 16th birthday and I only wear it in the summer, I think it's just right to wear it only then!

These are all really girly scents, I'm really bad at describing smells so I'll say head to your local perfumery and smell for yourself.. I swear they say everyone interprets smells differently so there wouldn't really be any point in telling you all what I smell, would there? Hmm..

I just tried my Kate Moss perfume that I got for christmas this past year, I didn't like it then, but it's growing on me now and I get friends asking what I'm wearing so I think that's a good sign!

What's your favourite everyday perfume?



  1. I like Tommy girl, or G like you from Harajuku lovers lol! I think G smells sort of coco-nutty, nice and fresh <3

  2. I've also have the DKNY and love it. It has become my number one perfume for an everyday use. I love perfumes with fruity scents, so this one suits perfectly :) xx

  3. I want to try DKNY !


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