Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yesterday's FOTD

Super simple FOTD from yesterday. I had zero time to get ready so there's really no creativity here :s

MAC Face & Body Foundation in C3
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium
NARS Power Blush in Orgasm
NARS Powder Bronzer in Laguna
Benfit Dallas
MAC Eye Brows in Fling
MAC Kohl Pencil Eyeliner in Teddy
MAC #7 Lashes
MAC Lipstick in Please Me

I've used Laguna to contour, and I couldn't find a brown eyeshadow so I used it to contour my eyes too :)

I'm basically wearing the same look today, I had to get up super early this morning to drop my boyfriend off at Reading Festival and I went to bed so late last night.. I just couldn't be asked to get up early enough to do much to my face this morning :s



  1. Really gorgeous on you, i could never manage all that in a rush your skin looks beautiful x

  2. You look great!

  3. @ nicoletta It's a question of getting your basic routine down. Mine is: foundation, powder, blush, contour, eye brows, eyes, lashes, tidy up, lipstick. It sounds like a lot but once you know your own routine, no matter what products you use, the basics are done in 10 minutes and then you can spend any remaining time you know you have amping up your look! You may change the colours of what you're using but the way you actually apply your makeup changes very little.

    @Becky Thanks doll!

  4. Oh such a sweet face and nars blush suits you well :)


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