Friday, May 21, 2010

Bit Of A Nag About Packaging Quality...

Well.. to be totally honest I'm a little bit surprised to be sitting here writing this. MAC is one of my favourite makeup brands, and for their prices I have come to expect quality. I expect quality product, but also quality packaging. After reading this, some of you may be saying.. "Lora, what the hell? This is the stupidest thing to complain about ever." but if I'm going to pay £12 for a lipgloss I really think everything about it should be awesome. So here's my nag:

I've owned my MAC Flusterose Lustreglass for a month (and 2 days to be exact). When I bought it, it looked like this:

Right now it looks like this:

Anyone notice my issue? I'm a freak about my makeup staying in good condition. I've used this about.. 3-4 times, and it spent the first 3 weeks in it's box. One night out in my on-the-go makeup bag and the logo is almost gone.

I promise that both pictures are the  same product, I know they look different shades in the pictures but one was taken in natural light and one in artificial light so that has affected the colour in the pictures.

I'm not trying to say MAC are a bad company with bad quality products blah blah blah. What I'm saying is: Why does the ink used to imprint their logo (something they should really be proud of on their products and want it to stay there) rub off so easily? This has been lying still in my train case in it's box for 3 weeks, spent 3 days standing on my shelf and a night in my makeup bag. The only jostling about this has had was for one night. I know this is a silly nag, but this really seems crazy that this ink doesn't stay put. I love MAC, I love lustreglasses, but I have noticed this on several of my 'gloss products'. To be honest, if I were MAC (not that you can 'be' a brand or anything), I'd want my name to stay put on the product. I'm sure an awful lot of hard work and money goes into the formulation of these products so I'd want people to remember where all the hard work came from that's making their lips look so lovely. Anyway, congrats if you read this far. I know it's a stupid thing, I just like to take care of my makeup and my friend asked me if it was fake or repackaged today when I told her how long I'd had it because of the state of the packaging. Hopefully a nice, summery FOTD tomorrow :)

If anyone's continued reading, thanks, it means a lot; and have you experienced anything like this?



  1. All my mac make up brushes have totally lost any writing they ever had on them, which is annoying as i can no longer tell what brushes they are, especially when people want to know what number brush it is and such. My friend now paints clear nail polish over the top which does the trick, but its still annoying having to do that with every new item xx

  2. It seems to be the writing on the lustreglasses - those are the only ones of mine that have started to rub off! It is so annoying though, i really like my makeup to stay in good condition! And MAC brushes.. what a pain! I paint mine with clear nail polish now, but it doesn't look very nice. :-( xx

  3. Oh, that sucks. I feel the same way about the MAC brushes, the "engraved" writing comes off. :[

  4. Same here! I also paint mine [brushes] with clear nail polish but it's a hassle. I also noticed that the name on my lipsticks fade (the name of the lipstick on the sticker underneath) I mean now it's not a huge problem because i don't have a lot of similar colours but i mean it's still annoying. I agree that since their products are great that the packaging should be equally as good.


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