Saturday, May 29, 2010

Full Skincare Routine with LUSH Mini Reviews

I've been debating posting this for a while. I don't know if the blogging world is ready to see my makeupless face! But I'm finally ready to take the plunge. I know I look super different in these photos, my hair is scraped out of the way and I look way weird without makeup!!

So.. here we go:
Just to show you how good my makeup remover is, here is the makeup I was wearing before I started.

And here's after makeup removal. I first gently peel off my lashes, then soak a cotton pad with Benefit's Gee, That Was Quick! I love this product becuase it will remove all traces of makeup including mascara, eyeliner, waterproof products, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, foundation, etc., etc. which is really important in your skincare routine.
After removing makeup, I used my Baby Face Cleanser from LUSH. This can also be used as a makeup remover, but I prefer to soley use it as a cleanser. This looks very oily in the photograph, because frankly, it is. You literally melt this onto your face from the bar, so it has an oily consistancy so it can melt onto your face. Once I have applied this I wet my hands and rub the product into my skin. I really can feel this getting into my pores and cleaning out all the dirt. I absolutely love this product as it leaves my skin feeling fresh and baby soft!

Next up I use Angels On Bare Skin, again from LUSH. I don't use this every night, but I usually do it at least every other day. It's one of those products you use when you just have that 'grubby' feeling. Hard to explain but I guess you guys know what I mean. I feel like this is a half and half cleanser and exfoliator, it sort of exfoliates but cleanses at the same time. This is really great for dry skin, I would recommend this to anyone who gets dry patches or just dry skin in general. Even if you change skin types with the weather, I'd say this is a great investment.

 About once a week I do a mask just to give an extra hydration boost. This is The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask, yet again from LUSH. This was a tester pot that I received instore but I got 2 or 3 uses from the pot. The first photo is right as the mask is applied, and the second photo shows 10 minutes later when the mask had dried. I like to let it dry completely and then rub and peel it off.  This gives me time to go get changed for bed and sort my room out so I can fall into bed as soon as I'm done! This really makes me feel like the dirt is being scrubbed away from my skin and I love it :)

After this I moisturize with Celestial (do you still need me to say it's from LUSH?!) which I recently bought a full sized pot of along with the full sized Angels On Bare Skin. I just love those products and so does my skin!!

I'm really loving LUSH's skincare range, I've noticed a real difference in my skin. I'm sure once I've used these products up I'll try some other things too!

What are your favourite skincare products?



  1. I envy your skin's complexion!! It's so nice and clear. :D

  2. You have got AMAZING skin!

  3. Thanks girls! I owe it all to LUSH, so I super recommend going into LUSH and getting samples of what's recommended to you xx


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