Monday, May 24, 2010

MAC To The Beach Haul

I love this collection, I had to wait until I got paid to get some bits and bobs but now here they are!

Life's A Breeze Lip Pencil
(Sorrry for the blurry picture, my camera was being stupid)
I really love this lip pencil. It's the perfect colour to compliment so many pink lipsticks. It looks really good with Viva Glam Gaga, Creme Cup and Lazy Day.

 Easy Lounger Lipglass
This is a really good way to spice up a pink lipstick, without having to buy a different shade of gloss for each one. It's sheer enough to suit all light pinks, but gives the perfect amount of shine and shimmer for use in the day and at night.

Lazy Day Lustre Lipstick
This is another really gorgeous pink from MAC's lipstick collection. It's more of a subtle pink thank most, but I like that. Perfect for work!

Life's A Breeze - Lazy Day - Easy Lounger

 Sweet & Punchy and Humid Eyeshadows
 Humid - Sweet & Punchy

I really want to go back and get the other eyeshadows, they're all really pretty. I have Shimmermoss already, so I won't be buying that one, but I really want the other two. I just got these two today, and I really wanted Float On By Eye Kohl to go with them, but I need to budget still!

LUSH and drugstore hauls later!



  1. What a great haul thanks for posting! Love the look of the lip pencil and lazy day lipstick, may go back for those now xx

  2. I love everything from this collection, can't wait till it gets released here. :D


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