Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Am Officially A Hopeless Addict!

After my post yesterday Ritalime commented that she really wanted to try some LUSH products, since they won't ship to where she lives. I emailed her and arranged to go get her some samples of the products she wanted to try. Since I was going into the shopping center anyway today I decided to pop into LUSH and pick up her samples. Naturally, being me, I had to pick up some more samples for myself too! I know I'm awful, but when a pot of moisturiser is like £25 I need to try A LOT before I buy.

Rita asked me to pick up samples of Fresh Farmacy antiseptic cleansing soap and Vanishing Cream moisturiser. Once she's recieved the products and used them, I'll see if she can do a little review for me so I can let you guys know how she gets on.

(I'm not going to open this, to show you what it looks like, for hygiene reasons because it's not for me)

I decided on getting Skin's Shangri La moisturiser and Oatifix fresh face mask samples, I want to work my way around the skincare range and find a few products I really, really like. I bought the Happy Blooming bath melt, I've been wanting it for aaaagggeeessss since I tried the You've Been Mangoed bath melt, so I can't wait to sit back in a bath with this and a face mask :)

I always make sure I but something (and it's something I want!) when I get samples, I'm not cheating them out of their products, I'm just trying to find the right products becuase my skin is in such a state.

Well I've go to go try to get those lip swatches done!


  1. I really want to try something from Lush! I've heard so many good things about it! :) xx

  2. Go to your local store, I'm still really new to LUSH and they've given me a ton of free samples as you can see!! xx

  3. I totally didn't know you could get you just ask?

  4. Oh my, I'm so excited!!! You're the best, Lora. :D

  5. Yup, just go in and be like: "I want to try something for blahblahblah. What do you suggest?" They just offered me samples, but if they don't just hesitate a bit and ask if you can just try it first so you don't have to buy the whole tub. I mean, this one moisturiser I'm trying is £25 for a tub!! I need to know it works before I spend that much!! x


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