Sunday, May 16, 2010

Super Exciteeddd...

I think I've been a stupid. I think I left my MAC bag from the Technique Workshop in my mom's car. And of course she's out so I can't look lol. So I though I'd just update you guys on what I'm expecting from Mr. Post Man in the next few days :)

Shortly I'll be completing my collection on NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils collection. After which I'll do a full swatch and look post. 

I also finally got my hands on two eyeshadows from the MAC Alexander McQueen collection, Pagan and Haunting! I've been trying to find these at a decent price for a really long time, I know you can buy them at MAC normally, but I really wanted the Alexander McQueen versions. Considering they would have been (I think?) £11.00 to buy from the collection, I got Pagan at £11.99 and Haunting at £12.99 and I think these are pretty decent prices. I'm actually a little shocked at how low these prices were for a LE collection.

I got all my NYX Jumbo's and these shadows from Love Makeup, they have really fast service and delievery, they're my first choice for budget buys or discontinued LE's.

Soooo as soon as I figure out where my MAC bag is.. I'll share all. I'm not a happy bunny right now :(


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