Saturday, May 29, 2010

Makeup For Dry Skin

Recently I went though a phase of having extremely dry and flaky skin (hence my lack of FOTDs) and these products absolutely saved my life! Granted I felt a touch over moisturized for about 10 minutes but I'll put up with 10 minutes to look great the rest of the day! FYI: The foundation and concealer are in paler shades than I'm wearing at the moment because I get drier skin the paler I am.

So the first product I'm using is MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation in NW15 (choose the right shade for you though!).
This foundation is completely buildable, so it's great for summer and winter. It doesn't sit in dry patches and stays put all day because of it's gel base. I use a 189 or a 190 brush to apply it. And even better for summer it's water resistant!

The name says it all, my concealer of choice for dry skin is Select Moisturecover again in NW15 (again choose your own shade!).
I only use this when I need it (ususally under my eyes). I love this concealer so much because it gives really great coverage without feeling heavy. I use it no matter what's going on with my skin when I'm using both my Studio Fix or my Studio Sculpt foundations.

Studio Sculpt Foundation
straight out of the tube (with flash)

Studio Sculpt Foundation
blended with a 190 brush (without flash)
Sorry for the with/without flash, only way I could get the foundation to photograph true to colour. There isn't as much colour difference as appears in the photos, my skin is washed out in the first one.

Select Moisturecover Concealer
applied with applicator from tube (with flash)

Select Moisturecover Concealer
blended with a 194 brush (with flash)
 Again sorry for the not so great pictures, it's hard to capture a foundation and concealer that blend in so well!

When you have severely dry skin it's always better to creme blush and highlighter products and not powder. Powder will sink straight into the dryness, but creme products will keep the moisture you're working so hard to keep in your skin there.

I love MAC Blushcreme in Ladyblush and MAC Creme Colour Base in Hush. I like these because again, they're buildable, so you can have as much or as little colour as you like.

Mac Blushcreme in Ladyblush

 MAC Creme Colour Base in Hush

 MAC Creme Colour Base in Hush (left) and
MAC Blushcreme in Lady Blush (right)
both swatched with a single 'swipe'

 MAC Creme Colour Base in Hush and
MAC Blushcreme in Lady Blush
blended with a 187 brush

This combination of products on my skin made such a difference to my skin's appearance, even though it was very dry, it still looked plush and healthy.


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  1. I get dry skin too and that's what attracted me to studio sculpt, I have the same colour as you. ;)


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