Monday, May 17, 2010

So Finally...

I'm not a stupid.. well not for the reason I thought. My MAC bag was hiding in my Jane Norman bag. So finally.. here is my Technique Haul!

First up is my frost lipstick in Angel. I love this lipstick because it's a deeper pink than the others I have, so I think it's great for when I don't want to draw so much attention to my lips. I think it's one of those "better-than-my-natural-lips" colours. I don't think the swatch actually reflects this colour completely, my camera isn't behaving.

So I also have this thing now, about buying a gloss to go with my lipsticks. I forget to take a picture of the box, but I got a Lustreglass in Morning Glory. It's a beautiful glistening gloss with tiny microparticles of shimmer. This would look amazing on the lips on it's own, or used to highlight a lipstick. Again, the swatch doesn't do it justice, I'll have to swatch it on my lips to show you it's true colour.

Frost Lipstick in Angel, Lustreglass in Morning Glory

One of the products recommended by Bex (who is a Trainer for MAC) was brown mascara as it is a way to show off your own eyelashes without overpowering a natural look. Paired with Shroom eyeshadow I think brown mascara looks sooooo beautiful. I chose Plush Lash in Brownette.

Plush Lash in Brownette
You can't truly see the colour here since the brush is black, look on the wand and you can just about see it.

Finally, I had to pick up some #7's. I've been wondering whether I really wanted that style of lash, but one of the counter artists suggested them to me and I thought, why not? I'm really glad I tried them, they really open up your eyes and give you that 'doe-eyed' look.

I'll have to take a pic with them on to show you guys. Anyone else have a particular set of lashes they just love? I really want to try the Foxy Locks ones too.


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