Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Review: MAC Green Gel Cleanser

Well this is just a quick little review of my current cleanser.. I need a new one because mine is almost gone, and I may try something new so I wanted to review this one now while I'm still using it :)

The packaging is pretty good, but to be totally honest, I expect more from MAC. The bottle is good quality and the screw top has a nice feel, however, the dispenser is just a small hole in the top of the bottle. Since many of MAC's products come with pump tops, or you can buy them and fit them yourself, I don't see why this one doesn't. It would make this a whole lot easier to use and eliminate my biggest issue.

This issue is using the gel in the shower, because of the 'squeezie top' every time I opened it while in the shower water got in. Over time this has built up and I think affected the quality of the product. However, I just used a little more of the diluted cleanser than I would have of the original product and it works fine.
At £14 I'd say it's a fairly reasonable price. It does the job well, I rarely have breakouts and always have sliky smooth skin after I use it.

I'm going to talk about the gel as it was when I bought it, since I doubt many of you will be using this in the shower everyday as I do. The actual gel foams up well when mixed with water and you don't need a lot to cover your whole face and neck. As a result of using this gel for about 6-8 months I've had about 3 bad breakouts and the occasional spot here and there. I've also only bought 2 bottles of this, so realistically a bottle can last 3-4 months using the gel sparingly once a day (I just wash my face with clean water in the morning and use this in the evening. And by sparingly I mean a blob about the 1 1/2 to 2 times the size of a penny, you really don't need much more if you foam it properly). My skin doesn't feel tight or in any way unpleasant after using this product, all I do is spritz with Fix+ Rose, moisturise and go to bed. I sometimes even feel like I don't need to moisturise because my skin feels so hydrated from using this in the shower, but I always do as your moisturiser acts as a barrier to any dirt particles that can get into your pores while you are sleeping (I totally believe in this given my spot/breakout track record). I really reccomend this cleanser for all you dry-skinned beauties as I have found it clears up any severe dry spots I may get from exposure to the elements (thanks winter for the cold wind killing my face and lips!!). MAC Green Gel Cleanser totally gets my seal of approval!

Have any of you lovely readers tried this product? What did you think?



  1. Hmm, saw this at my local MAC store, but didn't pick it up. I still use St. IVES and Clearasil face wash as my go-to facial cleansers. As for the packaging, the MAC Gentle off? makeup remover has the same exact problem. :(

  2. I agree Rita, some of their removers have the pump cap but some don't.. why can't they just be all the same!?


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