Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MAC Lipstick and Lustreglass Swatch - Angel and Morning Glory

So I figured the easiest way to get my lipstick swatches on here was to just post them as I go. I've been taking pictures as I wear them, but since I keep buying lipsticks I'm not keeping up at the moment! So I've tagged this with 'MAC Lipstick Swatches Collection' so once I get going with this you guys can just click the tag in the sidebar or at the bottom of a related post to see them all.

So here we go:
 Angel (Frost) with Morning Glory (Lustreglass)

So this is fast becoming a favourite combination I'll take pictures of these on their own so you can see the difference Morning Glory makes to Angel. I think Angel is a really nice neutral pink, definately one suited to a work environment, but you can dress is up with some bright eye makeup and it's perfect for summer.



  1. It looks gorgeous and you have so pretty lips!!Mac Angel I do!

  2. angel and morning glory, great combination!


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