Saturday, May 8, 2010

LUSH and MAC Haul

So I'm sitting here munching on Cadbury's but wishing it was Hershey's reflecting on a somewhat successful, somewhat unsuccessful day of beauty shopping. I'm loving my LUSH and MAC goodies, but I'm actually really, really disappointed with the quality and performance of the YSL Gloss Volupte I purchased.

So I'll start with the bum-out performance of the YSL Gloss Volupte. I went to House of Fraser with the full intention of buying it as I had seen it on several blogs and loved the look of it. The sales assistant put the shade I chose on me (Shade 6) just to check I liked it, which I did, so I purchased it straight away. However, on my train journey homemy lips started to feel cakey and dry, which I was really suprised about given that she had raved about how moisturising the product was supposed to me. By the time I got home, all the 'gloss' was gone and I was left with ugly, dry, pinkish-reddy stained lips. All the colour had gathered in the creases in my lips and bled out to the edges, honestly making it look like I had cheap lipstick on. I didn't take a picture, I just couldn't get it off fast enough. I'll be returning this asap, all I can say is it may be just me, I've seen mediocre and rave reviews, but for £20.00 there's no way I feel it's worth that.

Well.. now that rant is out of the way:

I picked up a bunch of free samples at LUSH and bought a new cleanser that has been reccomended to me.I basically went in completely blind and took the advice of the sales assistant, I explained I had dry patches across my cheeks yet the rest of my face is reasonably oily. She put together a moisturiser, mask and exfoliator for me to try and I also purchased a full size cleanser/makeup remover.

So first of all, I just thought the little face was so damn cute! I can see why the call it Baby Face! I would have bought it just for that :) 

Lush say:

Natural butter bar for effective cleansing. It melts on the skin, so you can softly smooth it all over the bits that need cleansing (it’s an excellent make-up remover). Each smiling bar has four different natural plant butters in it to remove dirt and restore moisture. Its scent comes from toning tangerine oil and everlasting flower, which might grant you everlasting beauty.

I can't wait to try it :) and at £4.10 and the prospect that it looks like it will last for a while, if it works I'll say good value!


My first sample is The Sacred Truth face mask. This smells wonderful, and just from trying it in the shop for a few minutes, the back of my hand is silky smooth!

Lush say:

The truth is, we all need protection from ageing. The vital antioxidant action of wheatgrass, ginseng and green tea, enzymic fresh papaya, cleansing clays and nutritious butters, all combine to defend the skin. This mask delivers live, fresh, active ingredients, which enhance and revive the complexion. Apply to clean skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave for five to ten minutes, then rinse away with warm water. Keep chilled.

I think this will really compliment the other products I'm trying!

The Angels On Bare Skin cleanser and exfoliator is another product with a simply divine scent! The lavender flowers which help to exfoliate the skin envelope you in their aroma, and I'm a sucker for lavender.

Lush say:

Angelic and medieval cleansing wash with rose and lavender. Angels on Bare Skin is the Lush version of an expensive medieval skincare recipe. Rare, precious essential oils were first brought to Europe by the crusaders who encountered Arabian medicine. They were immediately banned by the church because their ability to alter states of mind was considered the devil's work! But the final result was Cosmetics 1, Church 0. Rose oil and lavender oil were discovered to do wonderful things for the skin, too. Almost a thousand years later you'd be hard pressed to find a better all round cleanser and exfoliator than Angels.

I really hope this works, because I really like the smell of this and I've never actually found an exfoliator that works and smells great!

My last sample is the Celestial moisturiser. This is the only one where I'm not so keen on the scent, it's okay, I'm not bothered by it, but it could be nicer.

Lush say:

Heavenly moisturiser to make sensitive skin happy. Although it’s true that some perfumes can irritate sensitive skin, like stronger spice oils, others are really good for preventing redness and reactions. Natural vanilla absolute is one of them. We use it in Celestial for its soothing effect and intoxicating scent. The dove orchid is used in Chinese herbalism to prevent inflammation; it is the only orchid with a delicate and delightful scent. Almond milk is also wonderful for calming the skin. So, there’s really no need to use an odourless skin cream when you can happily wear Celestial.

To be honest, I can't smell the vanilla at all. I love vanilla, all my bath products are vanilla, I know what it smells like, and this definately doesn't. I think the best ingredient is the almond milk simply because I can completely feel it working; even on the back of my hand, I can feel it calming my skin.

And this is a MAC haul I have been waiting for for a long time...

These colours are sooooo beautiful, I'm so glad I finally have them! And all the money from them goes to charity. I'm determined to collect all the Viva Glam colours and I think these are a good way to start! The swatches I've done don't do the shades justice at all, I promise I'll do some on my lips soon!

Viva Glam Gaga; Viva Glam Cyndi

They both look really sheer in the photo, and this was only about 2-3 swipes, but they aren't as sheer as they look, but they are buildable. I'd be worried if they weren't because of the intensity they have in the promo shots. I'll be trying these out over the next few days for sure!

I also wanted to try out a new foundation, I just got a sample of Studio Sculpt to try over the next few days to see if I like it. I got NC15 (pale, pale, pale I know!) for my face and NW25 to contour and bronze.

So far I like them, they're much better for my current dry skin condition so I hope it lasts!

Well, that's all for tonight folks!



  1. Nice haul! I'm so envious of you girlies out there, as I can't get anyone reliable to ship LUSH products here (not even Amazon). As for the foundie, I'm using the same brand and I love it! It's blendable and buildable. :D

  2. I'll email you, I'd be happy to send you some goodies!!

  3. I was going to get the YSL Gloss Volupte, but I think I will give it a miss after seeing this! I love the lipsticks, I really want them but keep forgetting when ever I go to the mac store near me! x


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