Thursday, May 27, 2010

LUSH Haul - Great Deals and Haircare

I ummed and ahhhed over this deal for a few days before taking the plunge, but I figured it would be a great thing to feature on here and after some research I'm guessing there's about £15 worth of products in a box for £10. So I say DEAL! Naturally putting Lora in LUSH means samples, so I decided to get some hair products after being told by the sales assistant serving me that the haircare range is as good as if not better than the skincare range.

 So you get this cute little box for £10...
And you open it to find a cute beachy postcard
with the product descriptions on the back...
And under the postcard are your 6 products,
all full size except for the creams.

 First up: Buffy
LUSH say:
"Exfoliating scrub for your seating area. Use Buffy on wet skin, in the bath or the shower, to make you softer and smooth to the touch. Buff yourself all over, paying special attention to your backside if you would like special attention to be paid to it in future; rinse off the ground up exfoliating bits of rice, almonds and beans and pat yourself dry. There's no need for body lotion after a Buffy, because the cocoa and shea butters in it moisturise your skin beautifully. There's something about exfoliating your body that makes you feel bright and bouncy, as well as smooth all over. Slay that cellulite."

I've used Benefit's Sugar Scrub (I can't remember it's real name for the life of me!) before so I'm excited to see how this compares.

 Next up: Glorious Mud
LUSH say:
"Rub our dynamic, fizzy cube of rhassoul mud all over your body to cover and cleanse. The aloe vera extract is soothing, and the mix of sesame and vanilla will moisturise. Mask your whole body for smooth, soft skin that smells just like the delectable Crème Anglaise body lotion."

This was featured on the front of the Spring 2010 LUSH Times, so I've been wanting to give this a try for a while.

 Here we have: Stepping Stone
LUSH say:
"Everyone needs a Stepping Stone after an arduous day with your foot to the pedal. The green foot has the zesty You’ve Been Mangoed fragrance and punishing pumice to scrub away the rigours of life. Jojoba oil will moisturise dry skin without leaving them greasy and sea salt will treat them to plentiful minerals. Put your feet up and save your soles."
I'm going to need this over the next few weeks as my marathon training intensifies!!
 Not quite sure about: A Token To The Forest Gods

LUSH say:
"Our tokens to the forest deities are green, fizzing toner tabs with uplifting grapefruit, sweet orange and neroli oils. Drop into a bowl of hot water and enjoy the sharp, citrusy blast of oils. Your face will be toned, refreshed and a little closer to the divine."
Maybe you use these like a steamer? Hot water and a towel over your head? I'm not sure, but I guess now is a good time to try!
And last but not least: Ultralight and Fair Trade Foot Lotion

LUSH say: 
"Protective moisturizer to look after all skin types. Ultralight gives you a two-in-one: a moisturiser with sun protection. It has all the antioxidant rich seaweed, aloe, St. John's wort and myrrh we can cram into it to prevent free radicals ageing your skin before it's ready. The ingredients with the long names are synthetic sunscreens. Use it whenever the sun shines. SPF 10 low."


"Minty revitalisation for feet with fairly traded cocoa butter. Pink and perky, one mightily minty cream for your feet, which also helps to ease the abuse they get when trapped in shoes all day. We use both spearmint and peppermint essential oils to relieve aches and cool hot feet again. Arnica and marigold herbs take away the weariness and get your feet ready to wear your highest heels or to be seen naked and proud of it."

I'm always up for trying products (especially foundation and moisturizer) with SPF so I'll give Ultralight a good shot on the sunnier days, and I'll be pairing the Fair Trade Foot Lotion with the Stepping Stone scrub.

I also picked up some haircare samples:

American Cream, Veganese, Rehab Shampoo, Big Shampoo and Cynthia Sylvia Stout

I figured since I've been using my curren shampoo since the start of last summer I should make a change, hopefully for the better! I'll be letting you all know how I get on.

I just bought the full sized pot of Celestial as my sample pot convinced me, but since I'm still getting the occasional dry patch I'm still on a hunt for my super-dry-fixer moisturiser so I picked up a sample of Imperialis.
I think my skin just likes being awkward, so I'm just going to keep sample testing until I find my solution!

That's all for now! Hope everyone's week is going well!


p.s. I won a virtual £1,000,000 tonight playing along with The Million Pound Drop on Channel 4! Check out the top name on here:

Just a tad amusing huh? :)


  1. I love Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo it really brings out the multi tones in my brunette hair! And it makes my hair really light.

  2. Ooh, Lush haul and samples!!

    Finally received your package in the mail, here's the link to my post. :D


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